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Why I Don’t Post Photos of My Husband – Di’Ja

Mavin star Dija

The mother of one granted an interview to LIB where she revealed why she might never post any photo of her husband.

She said,

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Even before we got married he is a very private person, and I actually believe in respecting people’s zones until they are ready. It’s not like we don’t. So because a lot of things don’t happen right now-people are like, why are you not doing this and why are you not doing that, what’s wrong, what are you hiding, you know what I mean? We are not hiding anything, we actually go to events together and do stuff together, and I just feel, for me, am not very good at.., I like enjoying the moment, yeah, and am actually very bad at doing the posting thing.

I don’t know if you have noticed, I mean recently, I started doing selfies when people were like, Di’ja, why are you not doing selfies? So not long ago, I did my very first mirror selfie, (Laughs). Not like I don’t want to do these things sometimes, I just enjoy the moments and forget to take pictures when we hang out, that’s why presently, I am always begging my crew, (‘please help me take pictures mek me sef dey pose na, wetin dey happen?’) So, it’s just that thing where I am enjoying the moment and then I forget.

So we are not hiding anything. Sometimes if he can make it with me to an event, he comes, and if can’t, he will come to the next. So it’s not like he is not there, or that it doesn’t happen, I guess it’s just that, it happens and I don’t get to translate it on my page.

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