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Yvonne the Unical Babe [Episode 4]

Yvonne the Unical Babe

I forced open the door and barged into his room, puffing and panting uncontrollably, I stood, staring furiously at him. It was not his fault that some one I did not know was haunting me.. Infact it was his fault.

A girl was seated on his bed, her back leaned against the wall
‘who’s she?’, I nodded towards her direction. Oseloka clearly was puzzled by my presence.
‘she’s my girlfriend, and why do you look like you are coming from a prayer ground?’, he asked.
I was on a long sleeved shirt and long pleated skirt, with a very large scarf covering my head and crossed over my neck.

His girlfriend regarded me with a dirty sneer, her eyes unwavering. Obviously she was the witch. Why else would she look at me like that?
I ignored her, ‘I want to see you’, he looked at me intently for a split second
‘privately, outside’, I added curtly. We were outside now.
‘so o, you are saying my girlfriend is a witch, she came to disturb you at night, Hmmmm’, he began to laugh, this time as though he was mocking me. ‘funny enough’, he continued, ‘we were just breaking up. I told her it’s cos of you’.
‘EHN?’ I exclaimed, wide eyed, he laughed again,
‘it’s actually a lie, the breaking up part is true, but it’s not because of you’, he smiled, his cute smile, the one I liked, but I wasn’t here to keep admiring smiles, I was here for business
‘stay away from me. I don’t want to die yet. I was at peace until yesterday, when you called, just take a look at my hand’.
I rolled my sleeves up swiftly, stretching out my hand, I shook it vigorously, ‘take a look, look at my hand’ Oseloka abruptly took a step back wards, ‘JESUS!!!’, he exclaimed quite loudly, snapping his fingers he said
‘you mean from dream, you got injured?’, obviously this was a waste of time, I gave him my last warning, telling him never to call me again, I walked out, but before I walked out, there was this suspicious smirk on his face. I saw it in plain sight and I was not mistaken.

I’m sure you might be wondering how come a hundred level student in a university has never hinted as much as talked about attending lectures. Truth is, ever since I gained admission, I had attended lectures four times, only four times, and those were the periods when I glanced through my departmental group chat on whatsapp and I had seen threats of impromptu quizzes.

This morning, I had received one of such but I didn’t give two fucks. I didn’t have any close friend in my Department. There was this girl that used to be a friend during clearance, we fell apart as soon as we finished our clearance.
She still call once in a while, ‘just want to know if you are okay’, those were always her exact words, after which I would reply that I am, and she would say ‘that’s cool’ and we would have nothing more to say, silence, breathing sounds, then she would say ‘ciao’, click, the call would end.
Her name was Pelumi.

Sometimes I feared, about my future and my results after school, but most times I pushed it forcefully back. The thought always disturbed me, but I chose to ignore it always. I walked tiredly into the house, my future results still invading my thoughts.
Yvonne looked at me, wide eyed with excitement, ‘guess what’, she sounded beyond excited, seated at the couch, she got up sharply. That statement was simply a ceremony, because she did not wait a mili second for me to guess, she continued with excitement, ‘clearance list is out and my name is there. I always tell you never to worry about anyfin, when you are wif Yvonne, you have nofin to worry about..’ she chattered on and on about how all her results were too good, she was not surprised, she always had her way and knew the nooks and crannies of the school very well, then, speaking more to herself than to me, she said, ‘I fink I will make you a First Class student’.
Had she read my thoughts?
She walked up to me and continued, ‘I believe you would serve me better than Wunmi. She’s too dull compared to you and not half as beautiful, I know you might be wondering why I haven’t said anyfin about uncle C-neke. I know he gave you his card, I told him to do so’, she placed her hand on my shoulders ‘you’re free to do whatever you want wif him, be rest assured that wif me as your friend, you will also be great’.
I simply smiled, I couldn’t do anything apart from that, I did not know what to say. Her words did calm me down immensely, I needed not to worry about my results, neither did I ever have to be paranoid about Yvonne where C-neke was concerned. She clapped her hands in excitement ‘Yaay! Why don’t we celebrate’.
She got a bottle of champagne from the mini bar, together with two flutes. It had a bland taste, the dream still had me disturbed.

I found it a scary deal to sleep, I could not even close my eyes to pray, my heart beats uncontrollably fast. Each time I closed my eyes, I saw that old woman. God help me this night. Slowly I dozed off. Barely few minutes into my sleep, I heard my phone ring. Who could be calling by this time. I would have ignored it, but it rang incessantly; nothing less than fifteen times I was certain.
Lazily I got up from the bed. Just when I had developed mind to sleep this anonymous idiot had succeeded in ruining the sleep. I picked my phone from the table, why would Wunmi disturb my peace in this manner. I mean, her room was just directly opposite mine. Couldn’t she just come over to my room and knock?

Angrily, I stormed out of my room, and banged heavily at her door. She ignored me. As I banged, my phone kept ringing. What nonsense was this?. Furiously, I pushed the door forcefully. My force had me falling to the ground into the room. The door was not locked, it was never locked. The room was dark and I couldn’t feel anybody’s presence. At least by now Wunmi should have spoken, instead my phone kept ringing. I switched on the light. The room was empty to the last pin. There was no mattress, not even the bed stand was in sight, no curtains, the wardrobe was wide open, empty. My eyes moved to the direction where the table stood, the spot was empty, even the mirror was not there, what could be happening? It was as though no one had lived here. My heart thumped in my chest, I was sweating again, sense eluded me. In the midst of this chaos, while trying to grasp the long and short of this scenario, I felt a firm hand grab me. I could still hear the phone ring. slowly the sound faded away. I passed out.

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