Yvonne the Unical Babe

Yvonne the Unical Babe [Episode 11]

Yvonne the Unical Babe

It seemed this particular chief had no time for small talks for when we got to his room, he only stared at me from head to feet and suddenly decided that tonight was not going to be right.
‘tomorrow morning’ he had said and slipped into the duvet, and slept off.
He had not a bath nor a change of clothes. The chief I had met down stairs was far more welcoming and jovial than this upstairs chief, therefore, I came to the conclusion that this chief was bipolar.

I watched as the clock ticked, from 7.30pm through 7.55pm. I was not comfortable in any way, I did not understand why. I could not sleep and I could not even have my bath, I suddenly became paranoid.

Who exactly was this chief that Yvonne had sent me to?
Why didn’t he pounce on me the moment he locked the door behind us?
Other men would have, it’s what they always do, men like this, always hungry for sex.
Why then did he insist I come today?

I lay down, far from his end of the bed. Slowly I drifted off to sleep.
‘OH MY GOD!’, the exclamation was too loud to wake even the dead.
The chief pounced from the bed in horror,
‘what is it?’ he asked, obviously shaken by my scream. I had felt a slight pain in my stomach during my sleep, the pain had began to increase till I could not bear it any longer, I woke up in the pool of my own blood.

The once white duvet had now become red, a deep red, like that was its original colour. So when the chief had asked what the matter was, I knew it was only but a matter of a few milliseconds before he realised what it was. I did not know what to expect from the chief, but what he did next shocked me.

He became frantic with care
‘you were pregnant right?
Did you take anything to get rid of the child?
How long have you carried the child?
We are taking you to the hospital. My function can wait, your life can’t’.

He had not let me answer one of his numerous questions, he lifted me from the bed and rushed downstairs, I was cupped in his arms. My clothes were stained with blood, but he did not care. On our way to the hospital, he began to ask me the exact questions he had thrown at me while we were in his room, this time, one at a time, of which I answered all of them quite honestly; I was pregnant, no I did not take anything to get rid of the baby, hell I didn’t have the balls to do that, for two weeks now, according to the doctor’s reports. I became so emotional, I divulged everything to him, I did not know who exactly the father was, I had stopped this runs business, but I just wanted to help Yvonne, she had been diagnosed with cervical cancer and we needed money to perform the first operation, so she sent me to you.

The chief did not say anything and I couldn’t tell what he was thinking either.
We were now at the hospital.

The doctor had said that my travel was what caused me to lose the child.
‘with the child barely two weeks and all, the bumps on these Nigerian roads, my dear, the child had no chance surviving. You said you were seated behind right? The last seat?’, I nodded,
‘so we would flush out the foetus, that’s the remaining foetus. Just to protect you from further harm’.

The doctor was female and very beautiful, tall, dark, shapely, and young. I could be like this when I grew older, so I thought. It was obvious she knew the chief because every staff in the hospital knew him almost too well, and he did not need any protocols before they had easily let him in.
The doctor in turn was not the least bit formal with the chief, maybe she had once had an affair with him
‘dad, I hope she’s not one of your escapades since mums’ death’, I could not hide my surprise, dad ke.

She was his daughter. The man was fine sha o, but this lady was an angel compared to his earthly nature. She did not even hide it when she termed me “escapade”.
I stared, eyes wide open mouth agape, in disbelief. This doctor was this man’s child, anyway I would never meet these people again after today. The chief looked at his daughter warmly and held her hands, then he looked at me, and back at his daughter
‘I had met her friend at chief Nwajie’s party back in Abuja. Thought I should join my friends to enjoy the youthfulness of my age since your mother is no more..
This lady here, Precious, called me, and I thought to myself, what harm would it cause. I know you think I do these sort of things ever since your mother passed away. I don’t, I simply party with friends and return home more lonely than I left it’ he exhaled deeply then continued
‘I took this girl to my room last night, I looked at her and I saw my child in her, I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. I remembered your mother and I knew if she was looking at me she would be highly disappointed at me’.

He leaned back on his chair after slowly pulling his hands away from his daughter, then his emotions disappeared like a flash, and sounding as curt as possible he ordered
‘flush the foetus away, I’ll write a check which would encompass the total bill. You can feed her too’, he wrote down two checks, handed one to his daughter and one to me. He got up and left the office quickly.

I tried to be as modest as possible, trying my best to resist the urge to look at the check, the doctor smiled warmly at me, I could not recall anyone, apart from Oseloka, who had smiled on purely at me
‘how much did he write you?’, she knew I was eager to know the amount he had left me, she nodded her head and smiled a knowing smile.
I took the check from the table where I had left it, and slowly opened it, on it was written a whopping amount of five million naira.

I did not know when tears began to rush down my cheeks, he knew Yvonne needed the money for the operation, right now I was grateful to God that I had opened up to this chief whom I knew not his name. He had not even touched me, yet he gave me by far more than what any other of Yvonne’s chieves would have given put together.

There are still good people left on earth, and this chief was one of them.

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