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Anyone who comes between a married couple should be jailed – Omotola Jolade

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Omotola Jalde Ekeinde, in an interview with Encomium magazine, said that anyone who comes between a married couple deserve to be jailed because that person is robbing the couple of their joy.

“I think it should be a crime for anyone to come in between a couple. I feel anybody that comes between a married couple be a man or woman should go to jail. Such a person is robbing the family of their joy. To me, it is a crime that is worse than stealing another person’s property” she said.

Speaking about what has kept her marriage going for 8 years, Omotola said
“I would say first it is the fear of God. Then the fact that the reason we do all we do or the person we are all answerable to is God. He is the one guiding us. I would not lie to you that there was no time we almost gave up on both sides but at the end of the day you know you are answerable to God for whatever you do. Therefore take your worry to him. And the reason you don’t do anything stupid is because this person is not you are answerable to ultimately but God. So when God knows you depend on him that much, i think alone that helps you. Second is patience. You have to be very patient in every relationship, not just marriage. I feel very sad that a lot of people put so much pressure these days on marriages succeeding or not as if it is an alien relationship. The truth of the matter is that people fight their fathers, you fight your best friends. So why is it that you feel that you and your spouse can’t fight or quarrel?”

Speaking about her husband, Omotola said he’s been of great support to her
“He has been supportive. He has been an angel. He is my rock of Gibraltar. I would say my husband is my fan so also my critic. Most important he has been my pillar of support. If you are doing this job, you feel like you always want to fear what somebody would feel about you. When I am talking of somebody, I mean your parent or husband, somebody that means something to you, that limits you as a creative mind. God is my witness, my husband has never for once felt anything negative about me being an actress. In 2016, we are going to celebrate 20 years of marriage. I can’t remember anytime I wanted to do anything and he kicked against it violently. I have had to travel out of the country sometimes, it may be the same day he would know. You are also aware of the sensitivity of our job, we are very disorganized often times. You know how it feels for you to tell your husband that one thing you have been pursuing for the past three months, all of a sudden, you just got a call that they have bought flight ticket for you and you are going for maybe one week. So naturally that’s just something you would say no, you can’t. But I would go and tell him and he would be like wow! He would even encourage me to go. He is very understanding and very supportive” she said
Omotola says featuring in the movie, The Prostitute and the controversies that surrounded the movie was the only time she felt her profession threaten her marriage.

“The only time I would say I worried was when the movie, The Prostitute came out and that was the first major shaking I had. It was like a kind controversy. From the movie poster to the sex scenes, whatever in that movie that was shot after I left there was shot as if I was the one who did it. And you know Nigeria was not ready for that so there was a lot of controversy around that. So that was the only time I really worried about my marriage and to be frank and candid, until my husband told me he wasn’t bothered, then I had peace”.

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