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Bullying Made Me Think Less Of Myself – Denola Grey

Denola Grey

Denola Grey

Denola Adepetun a.k.a Denola Grey has come out to talk about his past battles of anxiety and how he overcame it.

He recently revealed that he started suffering anxiety from a young age and this anxiety developed into depression.

According to him, bullying triggered his depression and the bullies even went as far as calling him Barbie for two years.

He added that he started to think he wasn’t worth much amid all the bullying until he began to stand up for himself.

His words, “It got really bad in 2010. I was in Texas.”

“Because for me, Nigeria represented a lot of pain, I was bullied as a child.”

“In boarding school in Adesoye, my nickname for two years was Barbie. I was like 11, 12 years old. It was so mean. Kids are awful.”

“When you think you’re not worth much, you start believing you’re not worth much and depression preys on that.

“When I was 12 was when my full’fledged depression started.”


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