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Comedian MC Abbey slams Gen. Buhari for declaring his asset


General Buari had earlier posted this message on facebook �I have at least one million naira in my bank, having paid N5.5 million to pick my form from my party. I have around 150 cattle because I am never comfortable without cows. I have a house each in Kaduna, Kano, and Daura which I borrowed money to build. I never had a foreign account since I finished my courses in the USA, India and the UK. I never owned any property outside Nigeria. Never”
Reacting however, comedian Mc Abbey wrote:

‘You have at least one million in your account and so what, are you trying to say that people that have much more got it through corrupt practices?if been a retired General for many years and you use this to brag then I’ll question your economic growth program if you have any… Doesn’t enterprise mean anything to the rtrd general? like didn’t he find any honest means of making like 1m a year? What is he going to teach Nigerians..to sit back in penury?..let’s stop all this sentimental and sympathetic way of seeking the votes of Nigerians,please tell us your agenda and how it can better Nigerians instead of all these “i have a house today and next i have three houses only or I don’t have a foreign account ” the last time it was I had no shoe whiles growing up ,we are tired of all these methods and please not everyone that has these things got them by corrupt practices….

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