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Diary Of An Assassin | Prologue

Diary Of An Assassin

From grace to grass, compassionate to ruthless.. Randy finds himself in the corrupt network of “Men that matters” who will walk through hell to dust off any thing, human or documents, wiping off any record or traces that may expose their company for what it really is.

He is in, willingly he became a CONTRACTOR and now he wants out… how possible will that be?
Despite his sealed stone-heart, dreadful lifestyle and dirty secrets, Stacy wouldn’t let go, she feels somewhere inside, the “little RAndy”, her childhood love, who had always been loveable and sweet is hidden. She would do whatever it takes to reach inside and let him out; no matter how long it

Randy senses danger looming in the near future and is set to confront anything that will pose threat to his “exposition plots and escape” not even the only woman he loves… he only trust one person with his plans and thoughts …his Diary.

Set up, betrayals, murder, romance, twists and conflicts, all in the Diary of Randy the Assassin.

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