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El-Rufai under Fire for Blasphemous Tweet

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Former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mallam Nasir el-Rufai, came under attack yesterday over his tweet, stating, ‘If Jesus Christ should criticise President Goodluck Jonathan, his aides would accuse Him of sleeping with Mary Magdalene.’

Expectedly, his tweet elicited angry reactions from both Muslims and Christians who deployed the social media to lambast the former minister for blasphemy and demanded an apology from him for his sacrilegious comment.

Although el-Rufai, in an apparent effort to make his irreverent comment look like a joke, re-twitted: ‘Laugh wan kill me die (LWKMD),’ this did not douse the anger of his followers who described his tweet as heresy on Christendom and accused him of fanning the embers of a religious crisis.

Some of his followers, in their tweets and comments on Facebook, asked whether el-Rufai’s insensitive remark on religion was how he would become the president by defaming Nigeria.

In her reaction, Hajia Mohammed wrote on Facebook: ‘He is insane for insulting the prophetHe is not a true Muslim, for no true worshipper will say this. Some people say no God and he is one of them.’

Yemi Kosoko, on Facebook, also wrote, ‘It’s a pity that such people like el-Rufai have held positions of authority in this country and are still saying such things. However, it is also an indication that he needs his head examined for tweeting or re-tweeting such.’

‘By their fruits, we shall know them. Some sponsors of Boko Haram are beginning to surface. El-Rufai is not worthy to be a leader in this country!’

In another reaction, Abdul Kadir Danbaba lampooned the former minister, stating: ‘el-Rufai is a vile fool. Why would you re-tweet such about sacred (issues). We Muslims know it is wrong to do such. He even felt the silly and blasphemous tweet was funny when he added LWKMD.’

Also, DmOvada on Facebook said: ‘I hope el-Rufai will tweet an apology soon’ while Emeka Madunagu said: ‘I’m not surprised at el-Rufai’s thoughtless tweet. It’s unfortunate that a well-educated Nigerian like el-Rufai cannot articulate sensible views without offending religious sensibilities.

‘He has tried again and again to link the bombings of churches in Northern Nigeria to Christians. Having failed, he goes ahead to ridicule the Lord Jesus Christ. I expect CAN to demand a full apology from him. It’s a shame.’

Another response from @dreyinker on tweeter said: ‘Mallam Nasir el-Rufai is a goat. He will soon receive the wrath of God. People like him are the ones supporting Boko Haram. Foolish fool.’

In her tweet, @Jemilatu, said: ‘This man can’t speak for us the youths from the North. He is on his own and every true Muslim must condemn this silly re-tweet of his. It is vile and blasphemous.’

In his reaction, Ibrahim Safana wrote on Facebook: ‘@El-Rufai: Sir, with all due respect. I get your point in this joke. But why Jesus?’

Also, Cade in his Facebook comment said: ‘When we are talking of common sense, we must eschew sentiment from it – As a Christian, I really don’t feel offended when joke is made of Jesus but Islam as this article pointed out has been unforgiving to anybody that jokes with the name of Prophet Mohammed and thousands of both Muslims and non-Muslims have been killed for that… Either Rufai and his cronies are impostors or naive.’

Jude Bassey wrote: ‘You would not tweet what you do not agree with. Obviously, Nasir el-Rufai agrees with the rubbish of that tweet. This is definitely the workings of a depraved and constricted mind! Indeed, fanaticism is the outgrowth of constricted minds like el-Rufai! Very sad! I hope he would be decent enough to renounce that stupid re-tweet!!!’

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