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If I get a girl for BJ only would it be cheating?

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I want your reader’s perspective on this issue. I’ve been married for 3 years to a beautiful woman (inside & out) and we have a baby girl thats 2 years old. Life is good and God has been kind to us in all things but the major problem is our sex life….do not get me wrong, sex with my wife is beautiful, intense and fulfilling apart from the blow jobs!..the increasingly lack of it leaves me a bit empty and unhappy. For 3 years i have not cheated on my wife and dont intend to except if things continue as they are…..lately my wife finds blow jobs “demeaning” and a chore that lasts for like 3 mins instead of the fun it once was…we both work a 9-5 pm shift. Her head game used to be tight but now its uneventful..don’t mean to sound uncaring, i know she gets tired from work, the baby and me…i practically have to beg her to put it in her mouth for longer than 5mins.
We’ve spoken about it but things haven’t improve..infact learnt that women tend to give less head as the relationship progresses..is this true?..i love my wife and don’t want to cause her pain but i can’t live without my blow jobs too (i love it…men really do)…spoke with some friends and almost all are telling me to get a ‘headmistress” that their Madams dont give enough BJ’s..should i get a girl for BJ only?..would it still be cheating?..(heard its the new thing for guys)…dunno if i can handle the guilt tho (before God and my wife)..am i just being selfish?..i do give her head anytime she wants it tho..which is like 5 times a year..lol..really at crossroads right now..the thots of a BJless marriage is something i really can’t come to terms with..i miss my BJ’s

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