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It Has Been Hard To Make Music Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic – Ice Prince


Ice Prince

Popular rapper, Ice Prince has come out to talk about new music and the coronavirus pandemic in a recent interview with PulseTV.

The lyricist recently revealed that the lockdown has been difficult but he has been watching lots of stand-up comedy, TV shows like Flatmates to keep body and soul together.

According to him, the pandemic has taken his producers, writers away from him and it is now very hard to make music.

He added that charity during the lockdown should not be about showboating and blowing your own trumpet because once that happens, it is no longer charity.

On how he has stayed the same despite success and fame, “I can’t change… I don’t know if I haven’t changed, but I think God keeps me grounded.

“Sometimes, I feel alone because I don’t have a brother. I only have two sisters… My parents are both gone. The people I call brothers are people like Sneaker Boy, DJ Dino and so forth. It makes me lonely, but it reminds me that all I have is God and that keeps me grounded.”

On the pandemic, “During this lockdown, I’ve remained indoors. I’ve always been a studio rat, an indoor person. I’ve been watching a lot of stand-up comedy, TV shows like Flatmates and more.

“For me, it’s just a continuation of the process. What’s different now is that I don’t have my producers, writers and so forth. So, it’s hard to make music.”

“Songwriting is an art on its own, I’m a songwriter who also writes for other people. No man is an island, you need ideas from other people. Recently, I’ve been with Blaq Jerzee in the studio and he has like a camp of writers, he is a writer himself.

“It’s just awesome. It’s good to have songwriters around, I highly recommend that.”

On charity, “Charity shouldn’t be about showboating.”

“When I do things for people, I hate it when they say thank you. I’m not doing it for them, they deserve it. I can’t help everybody, but the ones I can help, I’ll do my bit. That’s why I can’t talk about that charity. I hate blowing that trumpet. It’s just my philosophy, you should give without expecting anything in return.”

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