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Meet The Iranian Woman too Sexy to be in Politics.

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Do you remember the UAE man that was deported from Saudi-Arabia for being too handsome? Now, a similar case has cropped up, but this time involving a woman.

27 years old architect and website designer, Nina Siahkali Moradi finished 14th among 163 candidates in a city council election in Iran with more than 10,000 votes but was told weeks later all votes for her were nullified.
After news spread that Moradi had been elected, religious conservatives petitioned to possess her disqualification because she’s too attractive and will be a reason behind distraction. �We don’t want a catwalk model on the council”, a senior official in Qazvin said.

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The review board later claimed Nina was disqualified not because she was too attractive but due to her ‘non-observance of islamic codes’. Some who opposed her election said she had only been elected because she is young and attractive.

Thank God I’m not in the middle-east, my case would have been life imprisonment #Wink


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