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My Girlfriends Girlfriend

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There was something about Helga�s friend, Trisha. She was sinewy yet elegant and graceful, reserved and down-to-earth but extroverted, cool yet able to glow into warmth, but still careful not to flare into heat. She had me fascinated at hello and had me completely spellbound but confused at good night!

I was spellbound to her. It�s Helga I was confused about. I started regretting why I had jumped into a relationship so fast. If I had waited for three more years I would have been a free man when I met Trisha.

Helga must have noticed my concealed glee when she had introduced her to me. So later that evening as we rode back to my house, she asked what I thought about her friend Trisha. I didn�t have to answer. She already knew what I thought. I could see it in her sly smile.

When Helga started spending less time with me and spending three quarters of even the little time we spent together on phone, I knew something bad was happening to and in our relationship. Then one day as I casually eavesdropped on her one hour phone conversation, I heard her end the phone call in �I love you too Pat�.

Pat!! So that�s the guy she was spending �our time� with?! �She no longer cares that much about me� I thought. �Maybe I should also start spending some of �our time� with that fascinating Trisha,� that must have been the devils voice, not mine!

Matter of fact, I knew it was the devil�s voice but I have this uncanny habit of wanting to always take the devil�s offers and trying to beat him at his own game. He has beaten me on most-who am I kidding? The guy has beaten me on all! But on this one he really humiliated me.

Setting up a date with Trisha was easy, finding what to talk to her about-even easier. But it was getting into her heart that seemed too easy to be real. At first I attributed all this to my charm and to the gods. She is a very good actor � this Trisha, good at manipulation too. You can imagine the feeling I had when Helga showed up at our rendezvous. These two girls had teamed up with the devil and gotten me into a very humiliating situation.

But that was only the beginning. Trisha and Helga still had one more surprise for me. No; two more. Ah, my memory, sorry three more surprises. That�s what happens when you get into the kind of situation I was in at that time. Your brain doesn�t record things in a proper way. But yes, they were three surprises and I always choose to summarize them � no details please. 1. Trisha was Patricia, so she/he was Pat. 2. Patricia was gay. 3. Patricia and my Helga had decided to date. Oh wait, there was a fourth. They had all along been looking for the best way to tell me. So when I set up a date with Trisha they thought their chance had come.

And just when I thought it couldn�t get worse, Helga told me it was ok; she could date us both if it was fine with me. And she seemed very serious. How much humiliation can a guy take in just five minutes?

But I�ve got to give it to this Pat. She really knows how to treat a girl right. I knew I had no chance against her just like I had no chance with her! She rejected me and then took my girl in the same breath.� And I took my defeat like a man � I blamed it all on her being lesbian!

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