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The Receptionist [Episode 11]

The Receptionist

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​’My aunt Vera needed some connections with companies to supply cakes on staff birthdays. She was submitting proposals but the feedback wasn’t forthcoming, I suggested she submits one with us as I remembered Mr Ifeanyi complain about the random cakes we purchase for our staff birthdays. She wanted me to introduce her to my boss but I didn’t want to, knowing how Mr Ifeanyi is sometimes too principled. Well, she submitted the proposal and she got the contract, but things went sour for her when she also lost a staff. I didn’t bother much about it because at first I thought she was overreacting until Yvette joined us and I noticed she was given the job role and she was also the staff my aunt was angry she lost. I was already ready to occupy the position given to Yvette, the presentation to the lingerie company was mine, I do most of such presentations here, and why would it be given to a novice. I was counting on the bonus that would come from it.” She explained in a tone that was filled with no remorse.
‘So all this drama was just for this trivial reason?’ Mr Ifeanyi asked raising an eyebrow
‘My aunt Vera pushed me to do this, so Yvette will lose her job, she would probably go back to beg Vera for a job as she is the breadwinner of her family and would need a job desperately or maybe just stay at home and I will naturally fill her position in Mr. John’s office.’ She explained almost like it was the perfect solution and it was a great idea.
‘Why does Vera want me back to her store?’ I asked bewildered
‘Probably because she pays you peanuts, and is finding it difficult getting a replacement who would take such pay and work almost all day of the week, no leave. You are overqualified for the job role and you are very attractive, a good face for the company. She knows she might not get the total package again with the money and work conditions she is offering. She was furious and bitter when you got this job. She whined about how you stole and seduced her client for days’ Grace explained with a shrug, she had the countenance of someone who has accepted her fate and ready to leave the company
‘What are we going to do next, this whole story is just getting me furious ‘ Mr John interrupted her
“She would have to leave this organization, I don’t believe any memo, or punishment would be enough. The trust is gone and her integrity has been jeopardized. She is not indispensable, we can do without her as Yvette has already proved she can fill her seat” Mr Ifeanyi stated with a straight face.
“I support this decision and I believe every other person here should be of the same view, this is not a reality show where we encourage petty fights and drama, and this is an organization with objectives and targets to be met” Mr John added.
“Yvette do you have anything to say?” Mr Ifeanyi asked staring at me straight in the eyes
“No, I don’t have anything to say for now” I replied looking away, I was short of words and still trying to process the whole event and also I couldn’t talk with Mr Ifeanyi staring at me with his all-knowing eyes.
“Well, for your aunt Vera, the contract is cancelled with immediate effect, she would be paid for services rendered so far but we will have to cut off our agreement with her cake store. I don’t want my staff to get poisoned” He stated but his eyes were focused on me.
I shifted uncomfortably on my seat, scratching the back of my neck. Why does he have to stare at me, I am not the only one in this room, I looked at my other colleagues but they were quite oblivious to the fact Mr Ifeanyi was bent on making me uncomfortable with his eyes.
“Let’s all get back to work” Mr Ifeanyi ordered, “Grace, clear your desk before the close of business today, hand over any company property in your custody also.” He said this looking at her with a blank expression. It was always hard knowing what he was thinking in that attractive head.
I bent down under the desk, tightening the strap of my sandals, I was still getting used to wearing heels so I had the habit of taking them off once I was seated. When I was done, raising my head I noticed Mr Ifeanyi was the only one left in the room. He was resting on the desk and had his sleeves rolled up.

“How could one man look so yummy?” I thought.

Standing up, though my legs felt weak and wobbly, I knew he will watch my exit, why else would he still be here.

“Yvette” He called my name almost sounding like a plea. Taking my hand, he pulled me back, and in a flash I was in his arms, I felt so comfortable and every other thing didn’t seem to matter at that time. He touched my chin, raising my face up, his other hand stroking my hair, and tucking the strands of hair that escaped my hair band behind my ear.
“Are you okay?” He asked, the concern in his eyes was too overwhelming
“Yes, I am”
His fingers were already stroking my ear lobes, I almost sighed in pleasure but I held it back.
“Do you need the day off?” He asked with a mischievous smile
“No, I don’t” I answered holding back the smile that was almost spreading through my lips. It was difficult not to smile when he was smiling, it came rarely and was infectious.
“What can I do for you?” He pushed further, his fingers working their magic on my ear lobes.
“Do for me” I asked in surprise and confusion.
“Yes, for you. Who else is in this room?”
“Are you asking me out of pity, you feel sorry for me right?”
“I hardly do things out of pity, I am asking because I want to”
“I am fine, I wouldn’t be doing anything at home, I would rather stay here so I don’t dwell much on the issue”
“I wouldn’t let you go home, I could keep you busy and occupied for the day”
“I won’t go to your house either” I said adamantly
“I haven’t mentioned that, we could go anywhere else”
“Mr Ifeanyi, are you asking me on a date?” I asked raising one eyebrow unable to hide my smile
“Miss Yvette, maybe I am, so what is going to be your answer. I can clear my schedule today for you”
“So?” He probed
“So, can I set some rules?”
“Okay, I am listening” He said pulling me close, placing me in-between his legs. I was suddenly aware of our proximity.
“You would allow me do the ad, and no intimacy till we have given whatever this is we are doing a name” I stated not able to face him
“Really, you had to bring back the ad. I won’t change my mind on that. On intimacy, be more specific”
“Specific?” I tried to release myself from his grasp but he wasn’t letting that happen.
“Yes, Yvette be specific. I want to know what’s off limits” He asked looking amused
“Emmm.. Well.. Kisses, and everything you do that gets me confused” I knew my palms were already sweaty.
“If that’s what you want. I am fine with it”
“Really?” I asked in disbelief, this wasn’t the response I expected and I was slightly disappointed.
“Were you expecting me to disagree?” He inquired, his hand was stroking my back as he spoke. “I will however strike a bargain, I would quit all intimate physical contact till you are ready but you would in turn give up the idea of being a lingerie model”
“Why?” I asked again
“Because I said so” He stated with a flat tone.
How does he switch from seductive to bossy In seconds? I wondered. I knew there was no point arguing or dragging the issue.
“We need to get back to work, we have stayed here long enough” I said
“Yes boss” He saluted, “But before we implement the no intimacy rule, can I taste those lips again. I promise to be on my best behaviour afterwards.”
Not waiting for my response, he covered my lips with his. I knew keeping my own rule will be difficult, with each slide of his tongue on my lips, I realised I Was smitten, his hands on my waist did a quick possessive squeeze, I realised I was already possessed by this man. I admitted to myself, there is no way I would be able to keep my own rule not when I was being kissed like my lips was an holy grail being venerated and explored. I was breathing hard already, unconsciously undoing the buttons on his shirt.
“Slow down miss” He broke away, the passion in his eyes still very evident.
“Huh” I said with a dreamy voice.
“Your rule ” He reminded me.
“Oh” I said, trying to hide the disappointment in my voice.
“I will make it up to you, I am ready to break some rules for you Yvette. I have thought about this, I am sure, I want you to be mine, only mine, no one else. I don’t share”
“Your girlfriend?”
“Let’s not start labelling this, let’s go with the flow and see where it leads”
“Whatever” I retorted, trying not start an argument.
“Hmmmmmmmmm, are you taking the day off” He changed the topic sensing my mood
“No” I answered walking out of the room.

1:30 PM
“Sit down and give me all the details, don’t omit anything” Adesuwa giggled excitedly dragging me to her office.
“You wouldn’t believe it, it’s just like a Nollywood movie or is it Telemundo series I would call it” I said taking a seat in her office, taken off my shoes I began rubbing a spot in my small toe to ease the slight pain I felt there. I gave Adesuwa a detailed information of all that transpired.
“Osanobua, the length some people will go to get to the top is alarming, I always knew she was sneaky and ambitious but who would have thought this was a family drama.”
“Mr Ifeanyi has said she would leave the company, and Madam Vera’s contract will be discontinued.”
“Well, they deserve it” Adesuwa agreed passionately
“I guess” I answered distracted
“What’s the problem with you, is it the boss again”
“He wants to take me on a date, wants me to be only his but won’t define the relationship” I sulked
“Why are you pressuring the young man? He wants to take you on a date, go and have fun. Stop trying to push it, he is smitten, it’s glaring for all to see except you. He doesn’t want to make it official, don’t push it yet. He is probably considering the fact you are his employee and trying to think of a way to make an exemption for you without raising eyebrows here”
“Defender general of the boss” I teased her
“By the way, your Michael does he know you and the boss can’t keep your hands off each other”
“No” I answered
“Oh really, you want the boss to define your relationship when you haven’t sorted out your other relationship”
“How would I tell him” I asked biting my lips
“I can break the news to him” She volunteered
“No, thanks” I protested “I’m thinking of a mild way to tell him”
“There is no mild way to break a man’s heart”
“What if I cut Michael off totally and discover this thing with the boss is going nowhere and it’s just a fling for him” I asked with worry all over my face
“Ask yourself if it’s worth the risk, but you have to make a decision either ways”
“OK o”

Dec 19th 8:00PM
“What are you trying to tell me Yvette” Michael asked raising his voice slightly
“I’m sorry” I answered not able to face him
“So, have you had sex with him?”
“Michael, that’s personal and we have been doing this thing between us for a while now but we both knew it wasn’t heading anywhere” I went on the defensive
“But sleeping with your boss for a job position, or getting favours from him is heading somewhere”
“I never mentioned Mr Ifeanyi is the reason I want us to go back to being just friends” I snapped back
“I saw his text messages to you, he calls you almost every hour from what you call log reveals. I am not stupid, Madam Vera was right all this while, you are just a deceptive lady”
“You went through my phone? Good night Michael, I don’t have to listen to this.”
“Because it’s the truth, when he drops you, you would remember this conversation. You are not his class, you are naive and he is taking advantage of you”
“I believe that’s for me to worry about, I know you are angry now and I wouldn’t respond to your insults now. Go home.” Opening the car door, I stepped out, he zoomed off almost immediately.
Walking back home, I was drained and dejected. I knew this was inevitable, I was taking a risk I wasn’t even sure where it was leading me. What if Michael was right and Ifeanyi gets tired of me, he was keeping to the rule I set, and I was looking forward to our official date this weekend, my job is even at stake here, anyway I wanted to look at it. Was this job just a bitter pill coated sweetly? How did I get tangled in this mess?
“Yvette, I need to talk to you”
Glancing towards the direction of the voice, I saw Madam Vera standing at my gate, the very beginning and Genesis of this mess I was in. I hadn’t noticed her cos I was lost in my thoughts. I was torn between listening to her or ignoring her at the same time my heart started racing when she started moving steadily towards me.

My life.. my life, it was a perfect example of a cake beautifully crafted on the outside, appealing to every onlooker but messed up and sour on the inside.

Stay Tuned For The Final Episode Next Week !!!!


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  1. Finally.episode 11.pl hope dis final episode is truly next week.I checked for this episode 11 everyday till I finally saw it today after waiting for weeks.great job

  2. Finally.episode 11.pls hope dis final episode is truly next week.I checked,waited and hoped for this episode 11 everyday till I finally saw it today after waiting for weeks.great job

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