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The Receptionist [Episode 12]

The Receptionist

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I took a step back by instinct, my heart was racing as I pondered an escape route, and probably I was watching too many movies as possible scary scenarios played around my mind. Madam Vera proceeded without losing eye contact, she had the stride of a lion marking his prey.

“What do you want?” I summoned the courage to speak. I noticed my neighbor and his wife standing close to the gate, this gave me a little sense of security.

“I lost the only contract I have, in this hard economy, I have mouths to feed and staff salaries to pay. This was my break through, I was also banking on the positive referrals I would get from Mr Ifeanyi to other firms.”

I felt a little pinch of pity for her but I knew I this could be a façade she was putting up.

“But Ma, I did nothing, you ruined everything with your own hands” I tried to reason with her

“I know, people make mistakes but we should also learn to forgive, we are all humans” She pleaded in a low tone.

I was surprised she was on the submissive side as her countenance earlier was the exact opposite of her tone.

“It is not my decision to make, I don’t own the company neither do I have a power to make decisions for the company” I replied

“I know that but you can influence the boss to change his mind” She pleaded

“I can’t do that, Madam Vera please try and understand my situation here. I almost lost the company a contract and my job thanks to you and your niece, Grace. It would be funny for me to go back to the same decision board and request for your contract to continue. This doesn’t have to do with emotions, its business”

“But you can f*ck your boss, and you still say it doesn’t have to do with emotions”. She said spitefully

“Madam Vera, I don’t want to trade words with you.” I answered, wondering why all my woes came out to play today.

“But you are having an affair with him, or do you want to deny that?” She insisted

“Is this all you came to talk about, please call Mr Ifeanyi and sort it out with him if you want to”

“Yvette, are you walking out on me”

“I have told you what I can do, but you insist on prying in matters that has no relationship with our discussion”

I saw from the corner of my eyes, my neighbors and his wife were heading inside, I decided to use the opportunity to leave also as I wasn’t comfortable standing alone with Madam Vera.

“Come back here Yvette, we are not done discussing” She said pulling me back aggressively.

“There is nothing more to say, you shouldn’t be here in the first place by this time” I answered, I noticed she hasn’t let go of my wrist and was squeezing more tightly.

“Let go of my hand” I requested.

“We are not don’t talking” She retorted.

“I am done, you can’t hold me back without my consent”

“Tell me you would get me back on board” She squeezed even more tightly digging her claw like artificial nails into my wrist.

I winced in pain, I needed to let go of her grasp but wondered the best way to do it, I prayed someone comes out of my gate but it didn’t look like that was happening anytime soon

“Let go of my hands or I would be forced to shout” I threatened

“Yvette, you know I wouldn’t harm you intentionally” She switched again to her pleading voice, letting go of my hand

“Good bye Ma” I called out running inside, praying silently she doesn’t pull me back again.


“Hello Yvette”


“How are you doing today? I have been stuck in traffic after the meeting, how have you been?” Mr Ifeanyi asked

“I am doing well”

“Have you eaten, you sound so dull. What is wrong?”

“Nothing, I just had a long day” I sighed

“That is what I need to know, I saw you before you left the office and you were all smiles. What happened after?” He persisted

“I would tell you at the office”

“No, tell me now” He said using his bossy tone

“I know you won’t let this rest till I tell you right?”

“Yes, so start talking, I haven’t taken off my clothes because I have been dying to hear your voice and I can’t be getting this flat tone”

I couldn’t resist the smile that spread through my lips, I poured out everything that happened that day, my talk with Michaela and my encounter with Madam Vera

“Wow, now I understand your mood, she has no right to come to your house to threaten you. Do you want me to report the case?”

“No need for that, she would forget soon.” I declined.

“You are being too forgiving, this has nothing to do with that. You can forgive and still look out for your own safety. I would call a police friend to scare her a bit”

“Is that necessary?”

“Yes, and please don’t argue with me over this. You don’t always have to act stubborn”

“Ok” I yawned, I was too drained to argue.

“So about Michael, what is your decision” He enquired

“What is there to decide?”

“What is the status of your relationship?”

“He is my friend” I answered

“I am also your friend Yvette, don’t play childish games with me” He was already sounding tired

“Are you saying I act childish?”

“Don’t twist my words, answer my question. Are you still interested in Michael, because I don’t share my woman” He stated

“So, are you exclusively mine too?” I asked

“Is that the answer to my question?”

“Your answer will determine my response” I replied

“Really? I am yours Yvette, you have had me since the very beginning, I don’t know how it happened but it happened”

“Ok” I said smiling brightly

“Just Ok”

“Yes, just Ok”

“Can I have my response now?” He persisted

“I am not dating Michael, we were playing around the idea of starting a relationship till you showed up. I am not happy I might have lost his friendship but it’s better than leading him on”

“He will come around soon, he seems like a reasonable young man and would understand with time, he said all those words in anger though it wasn’t nice implying you are exchanging your body for this job.”

“What if this thing between us is just a flame that will die soon? What happens to my job” I dared to ask the question that was bothering me.

“It will be fine, even if that happens I can’t use that against you. I didn’t only employ you because I was attracted and wanted you close to me”

“I hope so”

“I know so” He reassured “We still have our date on Saturday right?”

“Yes boss” I replied playfully

“When will you stop calling me Mr Ifeanyi outside the office” He asked on a lighter tone

“I don’t want to get used to calling you by your first name, to avoid slip of tongue in the office”

“That would be hilarious if it happens” He laughed

“It won’t be funny for me” I disagreed

“If you say so, I have to go now. I need to freshen up and head to bed, I have to meet a friend early tomorrow morning before I resume”

“Male or female?” I asked out of curiosity

“Male” He laughed, “Already protecting your territory” He teased


“I wish you were here to scrub my back, I would sleep with ease”

“Knowing you, it wouldn’t be only your back I would be scrubbing” I teased

“I am still trying to obey your rules, I would be on my best behavior. You call the shots”

“Goodnight” I said chuckling

“Sleep well baby”

I had a broad smile on my face as I climbed into bed, held the duvet up to my chin, and closed my eyes waiting for sleep to takeover.

December 21st

“Yvette are you done sorting out the applications?” Mr John inquired

“Not yet Sir” I replied raising my head from my PC.

“Make it snappy, what have you been doing all day” He snapped with a scowl on his face.

I was already used to his demands and mood swing, he seemed to become more unbearable recently.

“It is quite bulky, I might need to stay a few hours after close of business to round up” I stated

“Ok, just finish it today” He ordered, walking back into his office.

“This man needs to take a chill pill, you won’t kill me” I said to myself frowning at the number of unread mails and C.V I had to go through

I pulled out my ear piece from my bag, decided to listen to music while at it as I had no option of quitting or seeking assistance, Mr John made it his duty to emphasize I am just like every other staff irrespective of the romance going on between me and the boss. I knew it was an open secret in the office but no one has been bold enough to ask me directly.

Hours passed and I looked at the bulk of work left for me to do, I stretched, taking off my blazer as it was almost time to go home but I knew I still had an hour extra to round up.

“Babe, start clearing your work space, it’s almost time to go home” Adesuwa said walking towards me.

“I can’t leave now, I have some work left to finish” I replied rubbing my forehead

“This your oga sef” She said looking towards his door making sure he can’t hear us.

“What can I do?” I shrugged.

“A whole you is asking this question, tell your bae you are stressed and he would know what to do if you don’t” She teased

“I don’t want to take advantage of that and make it seem like I am avoiding my duties” I smiled remembering Ifeanyi, it was just few weeks ago we made the relationship official and he has been almost perfect.

“So when are you going to allow me steal some of all these clothes and gifts they have been spoiling you with?”

“My door is open” I laughed “Adesuwa, I am nervous” I confessed.


“His niece is having her one year birthday this weekend and he wants me to accompany him, I am nervous if his family would like me I have only spoken to his siblings on phone and they sound really nice but you know it might be different when we see physically”

“Just be yourself, get the celebrant a gift and assist as much as you can but don’t overdo it before it looks like eye service. But knowing how wealthy they are, they wouldn’t need much help, they should have hired enough hands on deck”

“What should I wear?” I asked

“Casual is fine, but knowing your boo he would get you an outfit before weekend” She teased.

“I still need to prepare in case” I said not wanting to refute her statement

“So, have you let the young man taste the ‘cookie’ again” She asked moving her seat closer

I looked back at Mr John’s door to be sure his door wasn’t open.

“Not yet” I replied smiling.

“It is almost a month now, how is he coping with all these revealing clothes you have been wearing lately, put the man out of his misery”

“Did he tell you he is miserable” I joked

“Does he need to write it on his forehead, can’t you see he is?”

“He is not making the move for it yet” I stated

“You made the rules and he is living by it, probably waiting for you to give him the green light that you are ready”

“Hmmm” Maybe she is right I thought.

“I need to head home, see you tomorrow” She said looking at her wrist-watch.

“Ok bye dear” I called out as she hurriedly walked away.

About thirty minutes later, I was clearing up my desk when I saw Ifeanyi walking towards me, I couldn’t help but smile.

“I was wondering why I haven’t seen you all day, was tied up and couldn’t come check on you” He said.

“I had to go through some applications, I just rounded up and was about coming to your office”

“Ok, have you eaten?”

“Not yet” I answered.

“Ok, I am hungry too, let’s grab something to eat from here”

“Give me a minute” I said shoving my shoes into a  gift bag, and switched to sandals.

“Gloria and her aunt called me severally, I have told them I cant go back on my decision” He revealed

“Really?” I haven’t seen Madam Vera since the day she came to my house and she also hasn’t contacted me”

“She was advised not to show up at your house again, or a restraining order will be served to her”

“Hmmm” I said struggling with the strap of my sandals

“Should I help you with you that?” He asked

“No, I can do it” I responded

“With this gown? We don’t want your zip ripping off like the day of your interview” He replied smiling. “Let me do it, stop being stubborn” He was already going down, pushing my hands away.

“No” I protested “What if someone walks in and sees you”

“So? I own the place and stop protesting and stand still so I can have this over and done with” He ordered in his bossy tone.

I knew protesting will be a waste of time, I waited for him to be done though it seemed he was taking too much time, I kept looking at Mr John’s door hoping he won’t step out now.

“There, I am done” He declared “So do I get a kiss for my hard work” He asked drawing me closer, shoving my hair from my face and neck.

“How is this hard work and I didn’t ask you to do it” I protested.

“Ungrateful girl” He teased nibbling my neck

“Ifeanyi, this is not the place, Mr John is still in his office and should be out anytime soon”

“This is pure torture, I have been an obedient partner in this relationship and I can’t even get a kiss while I wait”

“No” I said planting a quick kiss on his lips as I wiggled out of his grasp. “Feed me well this evening and I might change my mind about the kiss” I teased, as I walked out

“If that’s the only condition, we can shut down the restaurant” He laughed.

“Talk is cheap” I countered

“Nah, I talk and I fulfill” He said stepping beside me as we made our way to his car.

December 23rd 7:00pm

“Lord, your siblings are so cute” I exclaimed as I strapped my seat belt

“It runs in the blood” He stated proudly with a smile

“Oh, I see. But you didn’t inherit the trait” I said

“Really, I remember you went speechless when I came to your cake store” He laughed

“That’s a lie”

“Hmmmm” He said giving me a smile “My family likes you, my sister thinks you are very pretty and well mannered”

“Owwww, and your niece is just adorable, I wish my kids will be as cute as she is”

“We would have the cutest kids ever” He stated with a smile

“We?” I asked trying to hold back my smile

“Yes, we, you are not thinking of having kids with someone else are you?”

I didn’t have a response, so I fiddled with my phone instead.

“Have you heard from Michael?” He asked

“I saw him in church recently, we exchanged pleasantries and that was it”

“He would be fine with time but let him know there is no space for two”

“Did I say he wants to be back with me?”

“Which man wouldn’t want to come back? I just thought he should know his position. You can be mere acquaintances, nothing more” He stated

Ifeanyi, always so bossy and protective. I thought to myself as I already knew disagreeing with him wasn’t always a good idea.

“Let’s go to your place” I said

“My place?” He asked looking surprised

“Yes, do you have any issues with that?” I asked

“No” He responded


“It’s late already, what time would you like me to drop you home?”

“Let’s get to your place first” I snapped

He passed a glance at me, saying nothing then refocused his attention on the road.

Men! They want something but can’t pick clues you give them, I have been giving him all sort of green lights but he was turning a blind eye to it. How would he kiss me till I am almost breathless and still expect me to be calm. I was wondering how long he would keep up with this, how did he get the willpower to resist?

“I will be staying over at your place today” I announced

“Okay” He said with a straight face

“My mum went to visit her sister, she won’t be back till next week” I explained without being asked “So I don’t want to be in the house alone” I kept on explaining.

“Aiit, you are always welcome to my place. You don’t have to explain”

“I wasn’t explaining” I defended

He reached for the CD player, turned on the music. I knew I was being ignored, this was usually his strategy to avoid any argument. The rest of the drive to his house was in silence

“Are you having dinner?” He asked while taking off his shirt

“No, I had so much to eat at the birthday” I responded

“Ok, I forgot the cake and drinks my sister gave us in the car. You can wear any of my shirts in the wardrobe over there” He pointed.

“Ok” I replied walking over to the direction of his hand.

“I will be right back” He called out as he left the room

Letting out a deep breath, I began taking off my earrings and accessories, placed them beside the bedside lamp. I took my phone, started scrolling through Instagram, I got so carried away watching some short comedy clips I didn’t realize when Ifeanyi came back to the room.

“You haven’t taken your bath?” He asked

“I was watching some videos” I laughed, getting off the bed.

“Let me see” He requested

“Okay” I said handing him my phone

I started taking off my clothes, but I noticed he wasn’t paying attention so I decided to stall a bit before going to the bathroom. “What will I do to get his attention?” I thought.

“Baby, please help me unhook my bra”

He looked at me with curiosity, probably wondering why I needed his help. Reluctantly he walked towards me, in a split second he had released the hook. I turned immediately facing him, I was tired of this, was this green light not enough for him to see or did he suddenly become color blind.

“What’s the matter?” He asked giving me his killer smile

“I just want to say thank you for everything, you have made me so happy” I said giving him a tight embrace.

“Hmmmm, you make me happy too” He responded stroking my bare back.

I felt a sweet thrill spreading from my back to all parts of my body, I knew I couldn’t keep to whatever rules, I was ready to be his woman again in body and everything I had to give. I felt the bulge in his shorts, I smiled in triumph finally knowing he hasn’t suddenly become a robot and immune to me.

11:00 PM

I was already fuming, it was already over an hour since he said he needed to attend to some mails. Was he avoiding me or hoping I would be asleep when he gets back. To be honest, I was getting sleepy, I was tired of surfing Instagram and YouTube thanks to his Wi-Fi. I was about giving up and contemplating going to bed or going to check on him when the door opened and he walked in.

“You are not asleep yet” He asked in surprise as he switched off the light.

“I wasn’t feeling sleepy” I lied

“Okay” He said settling beside me

“No kiss for me?” I asked, when I noticed he was closing his eyes to sleep.

I kissed him, but noticed the resistance he was trying not to make the kiss too deep or intimate. I moved my hands beneath his shirt, caressing his back, making sure there was no space for him to pull back. I stroked his tongue with mine, using all his tricks with him.

“I miss you” I said in a husky tone

Rolling the hem of his shirt, I pulled it over his head also trying not to break the kiss. His hands traveled down to my butt, he gave it a quick squeeze before pulling the T-shirt I was wearing away so he had access to my bare skin. I pulled the shirt over my head, I couldn’t wait, I was too impatient.

He pulled me beneath him, his breathing was become unsteady. He gave me subtle love bites on my neck and shoulders, it was almost like he wanted to leave a mark with every trail of his lips. I let out a low moan when I felt a cold sensation as his mouth covered one of my twin peaks

“I can’t wait” I pleaded, already unbuttoning his shorts.

Shoving away my hands, he held it above my head, “Stay still, are you sure?” He asked

“Really? You are asking me this now?” I fumed.

“You made the rules not me” He chuckled.

Releasing my hands from his grip, I dragged his shorts from his waist, he had a cocky smirk on face that I wanted to slap off.

He finally obliged my demands, he made sure our lips was joined while he penetrated my already moist entrance, I felt the stretch as my body tried to accommodate his size. I locked my legs behind his knee, waiting for him to move.

“What?” I asked impatiently

“I don’t think I can take a slow pace” He said with a strained voice.

My thoughts went blank when he started moving, I knew he wouldn’t last so long with the speed and expression on his face. I felt an almost unreal pleasure spread through me, I moaned, scratched and just couldn’t keep still.

He was shaking visibly, and struggling to control the release that was at the brink of escaping, watching him struggle for control was like an aphrodisiac that spiraled me towards my own edge. I couldn’t believe I was giving him as much pleasure as he was given me.

“I love you Yvette” He said in a voice filled with so much emotions, it brought tears to my eyes. The pleasure that has been at the brink finally let go, bursting into thousand pieces and spreading through every part of my body. I couldn’t help but call out his name. He placed a soft kiss on my forehead, as he tried to catch his breath.

I created invisible circles on his chest, while I watched his heart beat return to normal

“Did you mean what you said?” I asked

“That I love you?” He asked


“I know what I was saying and was fully aware, if you are scared I said that in the heat of the passion. And don’t feel pressured to respond now”

“Hmmmmmm” I breathed, smiling with satisfaction

“Are you ready to go on a slow pace now? ” He asked

“Don’t you get tired” I mocked

“I have some exploring to do, I have waited weeks for today. I have too many ideas in my head”

“Like?” I asked resting on my elbow so I could see his face.

Pushing me back, in the twinkle of an eye he was beneath the sheets on his knees.

“What are you doing?” I laughed holding his head

“I am about to eat dinner” He teased.

My response stuck in my throat when I realized what his intentions were. I sighed, laid back, squeezing the sheets and watched him give me more pleasure than I expected.


“Wow, your gown is breathtaking” Adesuwa exclaimed

“Thank You” I responded “You don’t look bad also” I added

“Yea, I know” She said doing a twirl and giving me a view of her backside.

“So, did you hear Gloria came for the party, she doesn’t have shame” Adesuwa revealed

“Really? She is here” I said surprised

“Yes, I wonder why she wasn’t kicked out. Anyways it’s a party so let’s have fun. You are attracting a lot of attention my dear friend, even the boss can’t seem to stop stealing glances”

“Adesuwa, you talk too much, let’s go and grab a drink. I am thirsty” I said

“Ok” She said locking our hands together “I also need to snap some pictures, this whole outfit cant waste”

“Ifeanyi, is still bent on me not doing the commercial” I said as we walked to the bar

“Why are you also being so stubborn, it’s not like you have a passion or want to pursue a career in modelling”

“I don’t want to do that advert, I just want to see what he would do

“You like drama, very unnecessary” She scolded

“I heard we are opening a small branch on the mainland, and some staff here will be moved there” I revealed

“Yes, I know. It would be closer to your place except you want to be seeing your man daily”

“I actually would prefer to be there, away from all this side talks and also the proximity to my house”

“Why didn’t you ask Mr Ifeanyi?”

“Because I don’t want it to look like I am taking advantage of the relationship to make demands, he might have qualified people in mind”

“You are not qualified? You underrate yourself too much. You are doing better than most old hands here, no one can work with Mr John but you are doing that” She said sounding impatient

“Well, I didn’t ask him, stop making me feel bad already”

“Let’s go and reserve our seat, this place is getting filled”

10:00 PM

Mr Ifeanyi walked to the stage, he attracted appreciative glance from the female folks in the room and I couldn’t help but feel proud he was all mine.

“Thank you all for coming tonight, we had a successful and productive business year, I didn’t do this alone it was a group effort and the hard work and hours you all put in. The year was so good, we opened a mini branch on the mainland and some of our colleagues would be resuming there by January. We would get a few new hands, we are done with the selection process, thanks to Mr. John and his assistant Yvette. On that note, I would like to mention the names of our staff selected to be transferred, Mr Bode Olotu, Mrs. Eucharia Igwegbe, Mr Usman Umar and Miss Yvette, Miss Adesuwa. We would discuss the modalities more privately, I don’t want to bore you all with the details now. The dance floor is open, have a Merry Christmas and looking forward to another great year by the grace of the Almighty God”.

A loud applause and amen followed after, and a chorus of Amen. I was still too dumbfounded to speak, how did he know I wanted the transfer.

“Wow! I can’t believe it” Adesuwa finally spoke for both us

“Yes, I can’t believe it too, I am so happy you are going with me” I exclaimed giving her a hug.

“It’s going to be a good year” Adesuwa exclaimed with a dance “More money in the account”

“Who told you our salary would be increased” I laughed

“You are a killjoy, at least Grace was here when this was announced. She would have been moved if she didn’t let her aunt and envy use her” Adesuwa sulked

“Hello ladies” Ifeanyi said from behind us

“Hi” I replied with a smile

“May I have a dance?” He stretched his hand

“Sure” I responded following him to the dance floor. I looked back at Adesuwa and we exchanged mischievous smiles

As Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking out loud’ filled our ears, Ifeanyi placed a firm grip on my waist pulling me into his arms. Letting go of all my fears and worries, I locked my hands on his shoulders as we swayed to the song.

“You look beautiful” He said

“Thank you, you don’t look bad also”

“Thank you too”

“So, why did you tell me about the transfer?” I asked out of curiosity
“Well, maybe I wanted to surprise you and maybe it was also a last minute decision”

“Hmmmmmm, or are you planning to have a new girl in this branch” I teased

“You know you have cast a spell on me” He smiled “So you are no longer doing the ad right?”

“Well, that is still under consideration. They said the offer is still open till when I change my mind” I smiled, tilting my head to have a better view of his face.

“You know you are doing nothing right” He pulled me closer planting a kiss on my forehead. I looked around in shock hoping no one saw it.

“Have you forgotten we are with colleagues?”

“You are no longer in my branch, so I can do as I please. You are now under someone else”

“I see the motive behind the move now”

“Well, at least it’s closer to your house and you are very hard working, plus I want to get more experience” He explained

“I would miss seeing you everyday” I confessed

“So how would you celebrate your transfer?” He asked

“How do you want us to celebrate?” I teased

“I have so many ideas, I have a wine I haven’t opened yet, and we can start from there” He said with a twinkle in his eyes

“I know where you always like your wine tasting”

“It tastes better on your body” He teased, closing the distance between us he pulled my lower lip with his teeth, before I could react he covered his lips with mine giving me a slow, sensual kiss that made me forget everything and everyone.

“Are you ready to leave?” He asked

“Yes” I said trying to catch my breath, I noticed we were getting subtle glances from other guests.

“Ok, take a seat, I need to see Mr. Abayomi briefly and we would head home”

I was about walking out, but he pulled back

“What?” I asked with raised eye brows

“I love you, just thought I should remind you” He smiled

“I know, and I love you too” I couldn’t hold back my smile.

“Hope I wake up tomorrow to one of your dishes”

“Only if you please me, I would consider it”

“You know I can do all that and more”

“So arrogant”

“Yes, I know” He responded with a wink as he walked away

Looking at the faces in the hall, I couldn’t help but wonder how I got here. I must have done something good in my life to have moved this far in few months. Ifeanyi stole a glance at me as he spoke to Mr. Abayomi, and I recollected the day he came into my life. I didn’t care anymore what flavor of cake life brought to me, it didn’t matter anymore, I was happy and was ready to taste every flavor; red velvet, sponge cake, coconut, vanilla, strawberry, layered, deep chocolate, it just didn’t matter. I had the love of the man of my dreams or even any woman’s dream, I knew the journey was just beginning. Behind all these fancy clothes and new look, I was still the receptionist who had dreams that were suddenly  becoming reality and who fell hopelessly in love when Mr Ifeanyi stepped into Madam’s Vera Cake store



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