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Tales Of A Lagos Babe – Episode 21 (JUDGEMENT DAY 2)

Omoshalewa Benson: Tales of a Lagos Babe

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I was in another world. I saw myself walking to Angel Islington on my way to my University.
I stopped to buy twix chocolate at a Pakistani store. I paid and walked out of the store. I hummed to Avril Lavigne’s version of ‘knocking on heaven’s door’. I adjusted my coat and placed my hand in my coat. It was freezing cold.

I cross the road to connect St John’s Street. That was when it happened, I saw the prosecutor coming after me with an axe. All of a sudden, it went dark and hot. I ran and peeled off my coat. I looked back to see the gap between the prosecutor and I. It wasn’t only him, Femi and his mum had joined me too, then the judge.. I heard echoes, I kept running.

I blinked and found myself in a dark room. They were all there, charging towards me.
“Murderer” they all said. They sounded like zombies that had blood dripping out of their mouth. They had fangs like vampires. I screamed.

I felt somebody hold me. It felt warm. I was too scared to open my eyes. I heard the voice and my eyes opened on its own accord.
“Hey Princess”
I smiled “hello daddy”
“Don’t be scared, they are all gone”
“Can I really see you daddy?”
“Hmm! Well, in your subconscious”

“I didn’t kill him daddy; I know I blamed him for your death. I know he robbed me of my innocence, I know he put my life on hold for a while but I didn’t kill him”
“I know Princess. Sometimes in life, we find ourselves in situation that makes us feel like it is over..” He smiled and started to pace “but usually it’s only just the beginning. I have watched you struggle to find yourself again, I am proud of you Mon amour. It gets worse so you can experience what it means to be better. Problems, challenges.. they are all part of what makes us stronger”.

He stretched out his hands to me. I took his hand and paced around with him.
“Will I be found guilty daddy?”
He smiled “and what sort of father would I be if I can’t watch over my darling daughter?”
My father started to fade away.. “Daddy, don’t go.. answer me, answer me.. don’t go” I cried out.

“Shalewa, Shalewa.. na which kind dream you dey dream?” a cellmate said shaking me to wake up.

I woke up with tears in my eyes. A policewoman was at the cell gate.
“You get visitor, your lawyer dey wait for DPO office”
I looked at everyone and wondered how long I had been dreaming. I rubbed my eyes and followed the policewoman.

“Hello Shalewa” Omoyeni got up to hug me. She was smiling.

I smiled back and murmured hello. The DPO looked at me and asked me to sit down. My eyes almost popped out of my socket. Prisoner, sit down? Even the policewoman made a sound.

I sat, Omoyeni started to cry. Had the case gone worse I thought to myself then I started to laugh at, to think that I actually had more faith after that silly dream. I almost hissed.
“They caught the killer” Omoyeni whispered
I blinked twice “what did you say?” I got up and held her face.
“They found the killer Shalewa, you are free”
I had tears rushing down my eyes. I started to weep. It’s so funny how close it can be for one’s life to approach its end, all of a sudden, hope, faith and truth comes in and makes a way. I wept like a baby. Omoyeni got up and held me in her arms.

“How?” I could feel saliva dripping down my lips. I didn’t care. A knock interrupted Omoyeni’s response. It was Femi. He said a general hello, only the DPO and the policewoman responded.

His presence didn’t stop my tears of joy, or my mouth from running like a well of saliva.
“Who?” I asked.
“What!!!” I felt my body lose consciousness.

Femi caught me as I fell. I hissed in disgust as I passed out.

Omoshalewa Benson: Tales of a Lagos babe is written by Tobilola ‘Bella’ Agoro (@tobiagoro)

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