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Tales of a Lagos babe – Episode 8 [NAKED]

Omoshalewa Benson: Tales of a Lagos Babe

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There I was running around like a mouse and helping Omotunde plan her wedding. I was going to be the maid of honor. Why me? Despite my stand on what I feel about Labib, Omotunde had to choose me.

“I got it!” Omotunde shouted.

“What?” I was scared.

“My colour.”

I heaved a sigh of relief. Alarmist yamayama, o fe fun mi ni heart attack.

“What have you decided on?”

“Turquoise blue and grey.”

“Will your fiancé like it?” I asked almost rolling my eyes.

“He should.”

“Hmm! Ok o.” I decided to tread on the caution track so I won’t be thought of as being envious. Oya Shalewa, arrange yourself. It’s Omotunde’s choice and she’s happy. Shikena!

“You still haven’t given me the hot gist about Danny,” Omotunde said.

“Who is Danny?”

“Very funny. Talk jor!”

Daniel and I have been hanging out for over a month. I was starting to feel something for him, though what I felt for Mr. Oga was still there. I still don’t know what the attraction is.

“Hmm! He is insisting he has to come for your introduction as my date. I told him it was family matters and he has refused to take no for an answer.”

“Let him come o, infact I’m inviting him. Give me his number.”


“You heard me.”

“No jor. Ok, he’ll come.”


We went back to talking about colours and wedding wahala; hair, bridal train or no bridal train, bla bla bla.

Later on, I rushed home like a crazy woman, my grandmother was visiting from Akure and I couldn’t wait to see her, maybe she would drive sanity back to our home. My phone had been ringing for some minutes. I kept ignoring it. It was Kanmi, only God knows what it is that he wants. He had Kay, wasn’t that enough?

I turned into my estate and murmured a hello to the guards. I was about to park my car when I saw Kanmi from a distance staring like a loony. E gba mi!!! Kini man yi wa kiri bayi?

I packed the car beside him. I picked up my bag and got out.

“Kanmi” I greeted eyeing him at the same time.

“Hello Shals” that was his nickname for me.

“Why didn’t you go in? Is Kay not at home?”

“I didn’t come to see Kay, Shals. I came to see you.”

“Hmm!” My head started to calculate. Kini jero e fe?

“Let’s go inside then.”

I walked towards the gate. Kanmi pulled me back and made me stagger for control.

“Ahn ahn, Kanmi! What is it now?”

“I’m sorry Shals. I didn’t mean to do that. It’s just that I can’t stop thinking about you. I wanted to be there for you after the death of your father. I wanted to love you, take care of you, but you pushed me away. You pushed Kay into my arms instead. I was only being a friend to your family at that time and Kay.”

“Oh my goodness! Listen to yourself. Do you want to cause a war in my home? What if Kay finds you here? What if..”

He didn’t even let me finish. Kanmi went down on his knees and started to beg.

“Ha! Kanmi, oya di de, please get up.” I approached him to pull him up.

I was being nice to this delusional dude when the loveliest sister on earth came out. See wahala o…

“What’s going on here?” Kay asked forcefully.

I didn’t know what to say. Kanmi got up immediately. “Hey darling!” He approached her and began to laugh.

“I slipped and fell. Shalewa was helping me up.”

She eyed us suspiciously.

“How come you didn’t tell me you were coming?”

“I wanted to surprise you!” He replied, grinning stupidly. I left both of them outside and went in to see my lovely grandma.

As I opened the door, my mum was standing akimbo glaring like someone that was going to fight a rival.

“Hello ma!”

“Hmm! What were you doing outside with Kanmi? Why didn’t you tell K he was around?”

“What are you insinuating ma?”

“Answer my question.”

“You want to start misbehaving with kanmi abi, the same act that got you in trouble and took away your father at an early age?

What did you say?” I lost my temper. “Daddy died in a plane crash and I can’t believe you just blamed me for his death”. I walked towards her and continued “Misbehaving with Kanmi? Same thing I did? What do you mean by that, what do you..” I started to shout.

I stopped immediately I saw grandma. I ran to her side and knelt on both knees. I started to cry.

“Omo ola, omo dada, omo legbeleruki oba, get up my dear. Those beautiful eyes are not made for tears.” She said wiping the tears off my eyes.

“Mama Shalewa, come with me. We have to talk.”

Did I just act like a victim? Whatever jare! I’ve had it with Mummy and K. I went into my room and picked up my phone to call Daniel. I had promised him I would call.

“Hey you!” I greeted.

“Love of my life!”

“For your mind.”

He started to laugh. “So how did the wedding planning go?”

“It went well, thanks.”

“Good! Get enough tips to plan ours.”

I rolled my eyes. “Please stop.”

“Stop what?”

“You know what I’m talking about.”

“Ok.” he answered coldly.

I was burnt. Why did he give in so fast? Mcheew! Didn’t he know I was just fronting?

My phone beeped to indicate a waiting call.

“I’ll call you back Daniel. I have an incoming call.”

“Alright, I’ll wait for your call.”

It was my aunt Toke. She wanted me to give grandma the phone so she could speak to her. I rushed to my mum’s room. I was about to knock when I started to eavesdrop. I hung up quickly and began to listen to their conversation.

“Omodara, you have to take it easy o! All this explanation you have given me isn’t enough. Yes, her father was rushing home from Abuja to see you and take another flight to London because of the emergency call he got concerning Shalewa. He didn’t get to tell you what it was before the plane crash. I am amazed you haven’t even found out from Shalewa, instead you have judged her and blamed her for her father’s date.. ”

I pressed my ears to the door and listened harder. The next thing I heard made me almost pass out. I ran into my room and buried my head under the pillow. “Oh my God! Oh my.. ” I began to sob. “Ha! Mama Shalewa.. ha!”

Daniel was calling me, I couldn’t get myself together to pick. When I finally did, he knew there was something wrong and his reaction was “I’m coming over to your place”

“Daniel..” I started to argue

Before I could say anything else, he hung up. What just happened? What the hell is happening to the family I used to know?

Omoshalewa Benson: Tales of a Lagos babe is written by Tobilola ‘Bella’ Agoro (@tobiagoro)


DJ STiphBami – Beats and Juice (BJ 2021)

Mani Lapussh – Whine For Me

Shadow – Dead Roses

TareeQ – Medicine


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