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Tales of a Lagos babe – Episode 9 [GHANA RAZZMATAZZ 1]

Omoshalewa Benson: Tales of a Lagos Babe

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I toyed with the seat belt as I watched Daniel pay the gate pass into Elegushi beach, it had been a while I had been to the beach. I wasn’t suitably dressed but I didn’t mind, I just needed to get away from home.

Daniel parked the car and we strolled towards a tent. I tugged at his hand like a little child. I was in a state I couldn’t figure out.

“Are you ok Shalewa?” Daniel stopped to face me

“I’ll be fine” he kissed my lips. I would have stopped him but I wasn’t in the right state of mind. After one year and a half of living in England, I couldn’t still come to terms with PDA (public display of affection), right now, I didn’t mind. I just wanted to be held. As if he could read my thoughts, Daniel held me in a warm embrace; I could smell his aftershave of musk mixed with bergamot.

He kissed me again and this time I kissed him back.

“Get a room” a passerby screamed at us. We disentangled and began to giggle like teenagers.

We continued to stroll until we found a place to sit. “I won’t apologize to you” Daniel said.

I looked into his handsome face and smiled “apologize for what?”

“For kissing you”

I smiled. “I don’t need an apology”

“Good” he said pulling me closer. “So are you ready to talk?”

I sighed “no Daniel, I am not. I need to figure some things out first” I looked at him and allowed my palm run down his face “is that okay?”

Yes, whenever you are ready” he kissed my forehead. “I don’t want to be selfish but I can’t help but ask if this is it?”

I smiled. I didn’t know what to say, so I said nothing. Daniel didn’t say a word either. We just held on to each other and watched people run around the beach. When it started to get really dark, I told Daniel it was time to go home.

I arrived home to meet Grandma looking worried.

“Omoshalewa, it is not polite to leave the house and not tell anyone where you are going, you left your phone in the house and couldn’t even leave a note.” I murmured an apology and walked past her.

“Shalewa, is everything okay?” she followed me. It wasn’t her fault so I paused to smile at her. I gave her a hug and another fake smile “yes ma, am just very tired”

“oya, go to bed then, I’ll see you tomorrow”

I said goodnight to the twins as I walked pass the dining room.

“shalewa, where have you been?” I looked back to answer my mum “had to rush down to the office to finish some work”

“Hmm! Take e easy o, your food is in the microwave” Mummy said

“I’m not hungry ma, thank you”

“Alright then, goodnight”

“Goodnight Ma”

I was left with my thoughts. Tomorrow was another workday. I forced myself to sleep even though it was a mission impossible. I needed an advice and I needed it fast.

The next day, I woke up with eye bags. I barely tasted sleep. I had a wash, got dressed and left for work. I left at an early hour when everyone was still asleep. I couldn’t look them all in the eye.

Daniel called and asked that we go out to have breakfast before work began; I declined and decided to bury my head in work instead. Lydia was bombarding me with gist about her friend’s wedding, she was also trying to find out if I was going to invite her to Omotunde and Labib’s wedding, bla bla bla, shoot bird mama fly story.. this girl can talk oo.

Mr. Oga saved me before I perished from this unwanted gist, not even with the way I was feeling.

“Good Morning Mr. Williams” we chorused

“Good Morning” he looked at us grinning like the devil. “I have good news and bad news”

We got up and walked towards him. Na so my heart begin dey do 007, abi something don do our contract?

“Good news is we are travelling to Ghana”

Lydia and I looked at each other and smiled. We had been looking forward to the travelling.

“The bad news is, we leave this evening”

Lydia’s countenance changed. She started to argue “but sir..”

Mr Oga cut her short “when you asked to be placed on this project, you promised heaven and earth, well, this is it” he faced me “Shalewa, any objection?”

“No sir, I’m fine with it, but we will need to go home to pack and we will also need the itinerary” I looked at Lydia for support. She was lost in thoughts.

“Travels department have all the details for that, plus you guys can take the morning off to get set. We leave by 3.00pm. All allowances will be sorted by the account department. I apologize for the short notice but it is of great urgency. Shalewa, come with me to my office, Lydia, you know how we do it, please see to things and head home”.

I followed him into his office. He apologized again and gave the necessary instructions for the trip. I left the office and went home excited. It was my time away from all the insanity.

The time came and the driver took us to the airport. We boarded the plane to Ghana and I found myself seated beside Mr. Oga. Lydia was seated a couple of seats away from us. Weird! I began to think of my family drama as the plane took off. I stole a glance at Mr. Oga, his eyes were closed and he looked like he was meditating. I looked away and went back to my thoughts.

I closed my eyes and allowed my thoughts envelope me. I woke up to catch Mr. Oga staring at me. He stared harder as though he didn’t care that I caught him.

“Sir..” I started to talk

“What?” He whispered

“You are staring at me” I whispered back

“Make me stop” he teased

I looked away. He turned my face so I could face him.


“Forget about her. Go to the restroom”

“What?” I asked looking confused

“Wait for me in the restroom”

“Ok” I stood up and walked towards the restroom. My heart was beating really fast.

Mr. Oga came into the small restroom.

“Sir..” He stopped me with a kiss. I wanted to pass out. I held on to him and kissed him as hard as I could. He ran his palm up underneath my blouse and pressed my back against the restroom wall. His breathing was ragged and rhythmic. I held on to him and allowed my palm run down the back of his properly groomed hair. He unhooked..

“Shalewa, Shalewa.. Wake up! We are here”

I opened my eyes and heard the pilot asking passengers take their seats if they were not seated and fasten their seat belts.

“Are you alright?” Mr. Oga asked

I cleared my throat “yes, I am”

“You look like you were having one hell of a dream”

I smiled.. you don’t wanna know, you really don’t wanna know. If I was a man, I swear I’d have woken up with a bulge.

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