It was an awesome Morning.. I woke Up.. EVERYONE was already up too.. YES! I was the Last to wake in a house of 7 people.. My Dad, Mom, Brother, Grandma’, Favorite Aunt and the HouseHelp.. I looked at my watch by my Bed-side… it was 6:02AM.. it was a Saturday…It was my WEDDING DAY!

I Stood Up.. Rushed Downstairs.. Wedding service was for 10am.. Pre-Wedding service was for 8:30am (African time sha.. 9am).. church was Far.. and the Dry-cleaner had not brought my suit yet.. I needed to be ready at most 7:30AM.. ‘cos of the Distance to church and of course Traffic in Lagos,Nigeria.

SO.. i got downstairs.. everyone was kinda busy doing whatever and whatnot.. I went to greet the grandma’ and parents.. the door bell rang.. It was the Dry-Cleaner.. Thank Goodness!!.. he got my suit ready and the white shirt only I and the Bestman are wearing.. The grooms men are to wear Blue Shirts.. but we all wearing Pink Ties as that is my wife-to-be favorite colour.. Yes! Let me tell ya a little about my Wife-to-be.. She is The Finest Girl in the World.. She might not Win Miss World but she is my WORLD! Anytime i looked into her eyes I didnt see just Her, I saw my today, my tomorrow, and my future, i saw my generations Yet Unborn. She’s Fair in Complexion.. I call her my Sunlight.. without her.. I’m in Darkness and afraid! 😀

And then.. I went back Upstairs.. Brushed.. BATHED came out of the bathroom and then the Best-Man was already around.. he was in my room already.. i got Dressing, he was already dressed so he just helped me get dressed.. we Gisted and cracked jokes also.. now.. The Pink “Bow tie” well Placed on the White Hawes and Curtis Shirt..

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The pierre Cardin suit worn.. The mont Blanc watch in Place.. My wrist Chain and then my Perf.. “Tom Ford” .. and so we are set to go.. Yes! the shoe.. of course “ZARA” *winks*

its 8:08am.. I enter my already Decorated Range-Rover.. The wifey-to-be.. My Sunlight is also on her way to the church for the pre-marriage whatever and then we get to church 8:53am.. We are ontime.. and then sitting in the Pastors office gisting with Him And the Best man.. the Door opened!.. the Room was illuminated.. My Baby, My wifey.. My Sunlight walked in.. Jesus! I swallowed hard.. she is always more beautiful everyday but on this day.. Lord! i was happy within me.. and said within me.. “Of a truth! i have secured my Future.. My children cant be Ugly”

We got through whatever and whatever and by 10am.. we were done.. the pastor has gone to the church to start the service.. I looked at my wifey once more.. I whispered to her.. “Baby, you are Beautiful!.. I and the best man stepped out and went to the church.. we got there and got sitted.. there were 4 chairs in the front.. separate from the congregation.. two of the four infront of the other two.. well arranged.. and so i took my seat the first seat and then the best man sat behind.. and after the opening prayer.. the “music for the bride to enter”..

The whole church up-standing.. and she made her way to the front with her chief bridesmaid behind.. and all them other bridal train infront of her.. and then she took her Stand beside ME..”YOU may please be Seated”.. The officiating Pastor said.. NEXT-UP! The preaching.. (i was just thinking of our honeymoon thruout! *winks*) ..after the preaching.. we stood to take our marriage oaths.. we did all them “for better for worse, for whatever and whatnot.. TILL DEATH DO US PART”.. we placed the Rings on each others’ finger..

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Gave her the customary gift of a WHITE BIBLE.. and then the Part I’v been waiting for.. SENIOR PASTOR: By the powers given onto me in the name of God the Father,Son and Holy spirit and of the Body of Christ (the Church) and in the absence of any Reason why they shouldnt be joined.. I pronounce Thee.. MAN AND WIFE.. You may kiss the Bride”.. As i moved closer to kiss her sweet Lips..

My alarm clock SOUNDED!!! *BRIM BRIM* *BRIM BRIM*.. I JUMPED UP! SHII! WHAT THE.. F***!!!.. IT WAS ALL A DREAM AND FACING REALITY.. I’m just a CORPER and i have to go to work.. and the most annoyinG part is.. Today is Monday! i have 5 Working DAYS ahead!!! ARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! WHY dint i just kiss the lips?? why wasnt it real??????????? I am OLD ALREADY na??? .. my age is.. ERR.. nevermind! *sigh*..


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