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The Dairy Of An Ex-Osu Babe [Episode 4]



So, it turned out that Pastor senior lecturer had been running paroles and setting major ‘P’ with new bestie’s friend. This same man would say opening and closing prayers each time he came to class for his lectures. There were times this man even gave sermons in between lectures. This man was married with kids, he was even a Sunday school teacher in a church where many students�worshiped, he�was now the one sleeping with a student! You know, it’s true what they say, “nobody holy pass.” Looking back, I wonder how the said girl coped. Senior lecturer was an ugly(I hate to say) man. He was short and frowned almost always. Even his smiling face, I never looked forward to seeing; it was never a sight to behold.

My Bestie suggested that we went to senior lecturer’s chick’s house to beg her to plead on my behalf. On getting there, we met her at the door carrying a plate of freshly prepared food. “Babe, you should have called me to tell me you were coming now. You’re lucky you met me sef. I’m getting ready to go out” she said to bestie. Then she turned to me, grinning from ear to ear, “hey Kim! We finally get to talk. I’ve tried to say hi severally in class, but I don’t think you ever noticed me. I really like that denim shirt you wore to class the other day… And that choky necklace you wore to Mr Adebayo’s last lecture…” She went on and on about how much she liked my style for close to ten minutes. I was wondering how someone I hadn’t seen before would know so much about me. I mean, I know I’m hot and all, but I didn’t know I was this hot. Apparently, she was my coursemate(I’m not to blame for not knowing her. How possible is it to know over 500 coursemates!) and had been noticing me.

“Well, I’m sorry. I should have called you first. Kim is in some serious trouble. We think you’re in a position to help that’ why we’re here.” bestie said to the chick.

�”�Ah, no wahala na! Anything for you. I’d be glad to help. Let me quickly drop this plate of food in my room. My boyfriend is in there and he’s really shy. knock on the next door, my flatmate would keep you company before I return.” She replied.

While we were in her flatmate’s room. I was still unsettled. My thoughts were in many different directions; one of which was that I could go to her room and plead with her in the presence of her boyfriend to help me out. The plan was to tell her boyfriend that the man in question was her project supervisor who she had a good rapport wit. So I hurriedly left bestie and dashed to her room.

On getting to her room, fortunately, the door was ajar. After two quick ‘tap tap’ knocks, I entered the room without waiting for a reply. There were a reading table and chair in the room. On the chair was a male who was backing the door and eating. I figured he was her shy boyfriend. As the door jammed behind me, the occupant of the chair and the chick( who was sitting on the bed) turned to see who the intruder was. Behold! The shy boyfriend turned out to be Senior lecturer!�*Yepa*

My shock soon condensed into relief and laughter. “Ah! Dupe, pass me my phone so I can tell y�ur aunty I’m having lunch at your place!” He said to chick while he was scampering all over the place to get his clothes. Did I mention he was in only boxers?! [Ghen Ghen] He then began to explain to me how his wife was Dupe’s father’s sister. Who has lunch with their niece-in-law in boxers, please?! Before leaving the room, he mentioned something about me seeing him in his office on Monday. Miracles happen, don’t they? I wouldn’t need Dupe’s help afterall. As I left to meet bestie, I felt relief. The worst that could happen would be resitting the paper which meant an extra semester, (which I didn’t mind)my fear of facing the panel had been allayed. Senior lecturer would have no choice. His career, family and ‘ministry’ were at stake here.

On Monday morning, I got to his office and he handed me 5copies of a sheet of paper and asked me to get them to the class governor. As I got out of the office, my curiousity got the better of me so I decided to take a look at what I was playing errand girl for. It turned out to be results for my class. My heart stopped for split seconds as the thought of not graduating with my mates returned. I got a grip on myself and decided to see who the graduands were. Behold, sitting on number 9 on a list of 152 graduating students was�OJO KIMBERLY AYOMIPO! What ensued after can best be imagined! �

I never went back to his office and I went with batch B for the National Youth Service Corps in Delta State.

Today, I work in an oil company in Lagos. For my mum’s last birthday, I got her a brand new Matrix, 2010 model. Bestie left for her Masters programme in the US immediately after service year and now manages one of her father’s firms. Dupe and I reunited on�Facebook�after having lost contact since graduating from O.S.U. She also graduated with a second class upper. She sent me her resume some days back to help her find a job placement!

P.S�(All characters, names and events in this story are fictional and a creation of the writer�s imagination. Any resemblance to any real persons or occurrences is simply a coincidence).

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  1. Gr8 story. A fictional masterpiece. Kudos to d writer, Keep it up. naijavibe!!! U guys rock…

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