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Chronicles of Omo Pastor | Episode 11

Chronicles of Omo Pastor

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‘What was that all about?’ Jessica asked as she couldn’t hide her curiosity.
I was still stunned and lost in thoughts, ‘Amaka!!’ She snapped
‘Yes?’ I said
‘Who was that on the phone’ she said already impatient
‘I don’t know, she didn’t reveal much’ I paused as my mind was in disarray ‘She said she knows about my dreams’
Jessica couldn’t hide the shock on her face, ‘This is creepy, and did she tell you how she knows about it?’
‘Like I don’t know that, she didn’t even tell me her name’
‘What do you plan to do?’
‘She wants to meet me and explain better’
‘Do you think that is a wise idea? Call her back’
‘She called with a private line, I guess she wants to call the shots here’
‘Hmmmmm’ Jessica said obviously lost for words.
‘I don’t need all this now, I have my last paper tomorrow, and George hasn’t called me yet’
Jessica gave me a look of disbelief ‘You are getting creepy dreams and calls and you still have time to think of that thing in George’s waist’
‘I am not thinking of that, I miss him’ I said embarrassed, as I avoided her gaze.
‘You haven’t even known the guy well, do you two even do anything apart from bedroom activities?’
‘What are you people discussing’ Uju said as she stepped into the room.
After we recovered from our initial shock, Jessica was the first to speak
‘What else, Amaka’s dry relationship, but we have more serious issues’
‘Like?’ She said taking off her top and jeans.
‘I just got a strange call from a girl who says she knows about my dreams and she wants to speak with me’
‘Ok, so?’ Uju said nonchalantly
‘So, what should she do’ Jessica said eyeing Uju
‘Is that a question? It is either she sees the girl or she sees the girl..no questions about that. If she doesn’t go she will keep wondering. Uju said as she sat on our couch in just undies.
‘So, keep calm till she calls you again, I don’t think it is that serious and my guts are always right’
‘I wish I could be so calm and nonchalant like you’ I replied
‘Uju is just not a human being’ Jessica said.
Uju’s phone interrupted us before she could reply Jessica, she looked at her screen and broke into a smile
‘Hello, George you finally called back” She said excitedly
I looked at her, as I couldn’t hide my shocked expression but she was too excited and engrossed to notice it. Jessica kept looking from Uju to me.
‘Yes, I am fine’ She said
‘Exams is good, I will be done tomorrow’
‘Yes, they are fine’
‘Yes, they are here’
‘Sure’ she sad handing Jessica her phone. ‘George wants to speak with you’ She said
Jessica gave me a mischievous smile, I kept thinking what is he up to, why is he calling Uju instead of calling me to apologize. I was so lost in my thoughts I didn’t notice Jessica handing me the phone.
‘Amaka, he wants to speak with you’ Jessica said handing me the phone with a poker face on.
I swallowed, my heart beat tripled as I prayed I don’t reveal my emotions to Uju
‘Hello’ I said trying to keep my voice indifferent.
‘Hello, Amaka I know I should have called you but I wasn’t sure you would want to speak with me, I should have cleared the air. She is not my girl, I am sorry for walking out. I looked at Jessica and Uju and saw they were both watching me with interest.
‘Say something’ George said
‘Ok to what?’ He asked confused
‘Ok, I am fine’
He sensed I didn’t want to talk, and I was not comfortable.
‘I will call you soon, pick your call and reply my messages on BBM, I don’t like this please’
‘Ok, take care’ I said handing the phone to Uju
Jessica raised her eyebrows still smiling
‘Hello’ Uju said the excitement still in her voice, I couldn’t blame her, George is infectious.
‘Yes, I am free tomorrow night’
‘Take care boo’ we both looked at her stunned.
‘What?!’ She said as she turned to us.
‘Boo?’ Jessica said giggling ‘when did that one start, dude calls you and you are all excited’
‘It is just a normal endearment’ Uju replied
‘Nothing is normal when it comes to you Uju ‘ Jessica said
‘So, he is taking us to club tomorrow night to celebrate our exams’ Uju said waving Jessica aside, ‘and we are going’
‘Who is we?’ Jessica asked
Uju hissed ‘You don’t have a boyfriend, I am helping your boring life sef. We are going, no argument’ Uju said in her usual bossy manner
‘I am not going’ I said
‘Why?’ They both said surprised
‘I am going to Roland’s tomorrow’, I lied ‘I haven’t seen him for a while’
‘I thought you are just coming from his place?’ Uju asked
No wonder they say liars should have a good memory I thought to myself
‘She wants to go and see her boyfriend’ Jessica said bailing me out ‘Let her be jor, not like she will dance sef’
‘That’s true, greet your Roland’ Uju said ‘Don’t go and carry belle and come back here’
I chuckled despite my sour mood.
‘I hope you will give George breathing space tomorrow’ Jessica asked Uju, but I knew she was asking on my behalf
‘That nigga so fine, I wouldn’t mind him breathing on me’ Uju said grinning
‘Perv!!’ Jessica said laughing but I couldn’t join them so I just gave a fake smile

* * *

‘Wow’ Roland exclaimed not hiding his surprise as he saw me at his doorstep ‘This is a pleasant surprise’
I stepped in, ‘Hello’ I said
‘You look good’ He said
‘Thank you, I wanted to surprise you’
‘I am surprised and definitely pleased’ he said smiling
I went straight to his room and dropped my bag, he followed me. I faced him and plastered a smile on my face.
‘I am hungry, I came straight from school’ I said. I didn’t go back to our room because I didn’t want Uju to convince me and change my plans plus I wasn’t ready to see George yet but I missed him so bad. I wasn’t picking his calls or replying his messages cos I feared I would give in to his charming ways and I needed space to think.
‘There is food in the kitchen’ he said smiling
I gave him a puzzled look
‘Yes. Amaka, I do cook sometimes’ He said stepping closer, as he held my waist and his lips met mine, he was a good kisser no doubt but I didn’t feel any shivers or yearn for more. I played along with him, but I stiffened when he started unbuttoning my shirt.
‘What is wrong’ He said genuinely concerned
‘I am bleeding’ I lied
‘Oh!’ He said a bit disappointed ‘Are you having cramps?’
‘No’ I said
‘Ok, you need to eat and rest then’
I nodded as I was seeing a different side of Roland I haven’t seen before, this is going to be real hard I thought. What I have gotten myself into, how do I let go when he is finally being so nice to me.
Later in the night, Roland and I were cuddled on the couch as I stared at the T.V but my thoughts were elsewhere, I wondered what Uju was doing to George right now. Why didn’t he cancel the club date for my sake I thought irrationally.

*Amaka, come and claim your property o, Uju can rape this guy o..lol
*She should have fun
*Be there forming like you don’t want, he is so uncomfortable. You know this date is because he wants to see you and now you are not here
*I don’t want to see him
*Is all right, with the rate Uju is going she might go home with him
My heart skipped a beat as I replied her immediately
*What club are you guys at?
*The Place
*So are you coming?
*I think so, but don’t tell Uju yet. Come with Roland, make George jealous….dis night will be fun..hehehe
I was smiling as I typed
‘Who are you chatting with?’ Roland asked, obviously wondering why I was grinning
*Wear something sexy, and flirt with Roland. *wink
*Bye!! I am not having this conversation with you.

‘Jessica, they are going clubbing tonight at The place” I told Roland
‘Do you want to go, we are doing nothing here. It’s going to be a long night obviously as you are kinda dull’
‘I don’t have anything to wear except shorts and it’s too revealing” I said but I was doing somersaults in my mind, I was happy he suggested it, as I wondered if he would recognize George from their previous encounter
‘I am not complaining, you look good in anything, get dressed” He said deciding for the two of us
Minutes later, I was in Roland’s car as we headed the island. I looked at my shorts and fishnet lace top, I told Jessica I was coming but warned her not to tell Uju and George. I smiled as I looked at Roland our eyes met, he returned the smile as he resumed his driving. I started brewing some dirty plans in my head, I was going to give George a dose of his own pill.

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Mani Lapussh – SHIGè

Shadow – Dead Roses

TareeQ – Medicine



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