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Chronicles Of Omo Pastor | Episode 6

Chronicles of Omo Pastor

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“Yes?” I said in a small voice I couldn’t recognise as mine

“Were you listening?”

“Yes, but can you say it again?” I said with a shaky voice

I heard him take a deep breath as I pressed the phone closer to my ears wanting to memorize those words.

“I said, I want us to start afresh. I realise I took you for granted, I have been thinking this past week since you left me in silence and I missed you. I missed the calmness and order you bring to my life. I regret uttering those words and I can’t say I know how you feel but I promise not to hurt you again” Roland paused and took another deep breath.

My palms were getting sweaty already as I listened and held on to his every word. I knew I had to say something but I felt tongue tied.

“I know this may sound like a cliché” Roland continued “but I will never hurt you again and I mean it”

I had a thousand thoughts going through my head. Should I think about it? Should I ask Uju’s opinion? No, she would disapprove. What if I tell him to give me time and I lose him?

“Ok…. I forgive you” I said.

Why postpone what you can do today? I think I have seen that quote somewhere.

“Can you spend the weekend with me?”

“Ok, but I will be there on Saturday, I have some assignments I want to finish by Friday evening” I lied, actually I was looking forward to the birthday party with Uju.

“You can do your assignments at my place, Amaka I have missed you, I miss your cooking”.

I felt my heart tighten at those words and an alarm went off in my brain but I switched it off.

“I will come on Saturday, It’s a group work and I was made the group leader. We are supposed to meet in school Friday evening”

“Oh” he said sounding disappointed. “Will be expecting you on Saturday then”

“Ok” I said grinning.

* * *

I watched Uju as she pulled up her high waist jean shorts, I shook my head and reserved my thoughts.

“I thought it was a parlour party, Uju your ass is almost out of that short. Shey you want to seduce the guy this night” Jessica said smiling.

“Almost out? She pulled the shorts higher, looking at her reflection in the mirror she smiled mischievously “now it is out, can you now leave me”

“George’s in trouble today” Jessica said laughing “the cookie jar is open”

Looking at the green bodycon gown I had selected to wear, as I adjusted by bra straps, I was contemplating if it was too short or tight fitted. It was a gown Jessica convinced me to buy, why am I even bothered, it’s just a small gathering of friends. I sat in the small couch which occupied one end of the room as I skipped through Instagram.

“Amaka are you ready?” Jessica asked as she sat beside me and joined me in flipping through photos

“Yes I am” I looked at her and saw she had settled for a ripped jeans trouser and polo. I looked at myself and suddenly felt overdressed.

“I think I should change to something casual” I said getting up, dropping Jessica’s iPad on the couch.

“No, you are wearing that gown. So the two of you would wear holy Mary clothes and I will look like the Slut abi”

“But you are the Slut” Jessica said laughing.

“And you are your boyfriend’s sugar mummy” Uju replied

I chuckled, it was their usual banter and this could go on for as long as they wanted.

“Ok, it’s enough. I will wear the gown. Can we go now?”

“Yes” she said

* * *

“You’re here for the party right” A chubby dark guy said as he opened the door wider for us to go in. We nodded as we followed his lead into a tastefully furnished living room.

“Sit down and make yourselves comfortable, George stepped out with the celebrant. They went to get some drinks and pick up some guests.

“Thank you” we mumbled.

“Is this the celebrants crib?” Uju asked

Jessica coughed and mumbled “she don start”. Uju eyed her while I held myself from laughing.

“No, it’s George’s place, the celebrant is using here because it’s spacious” he said as he left us.

Uju’s eyes widened with surprise and mischief. “I know a correct guy when I see one”.

“His place is impressive” I said looking around me.

“Oya let’s snap photos before people start coming” Uju said excitedly.

“Bush girl, is it everywhere you snap?” Jessica cut in

“Bring your iPad Biko, you talk too much”

Jessica hissed, as she handed it over to Uju. Within minutes Jessica had joined us as we started taking shots.

An hour later, the sitting room was filled with over ten guests. A loud cheer welcomed the entrance of the celebrant, I looked away from my phone screen which I used as a distraction while watched Uju upload almost all the photos on her display picture in less than ten minutes. I recognised the celebrant from the George’s beach party, he was one of the guests. He stepped away from the door as he hugged and shook hands excitedly with guests.

George stepped out as he held a carton of drinks and a shopping bag in the other. Then I saw her again, the fair complexioned beauty who was giving him a blow job at the beach, I turned to look at Uju, she was smiling like a kid who had a devious plan cooking.

She held a fake smile as she walked across the sitting room in her cleavage baring gown. As her eyes met mine and recognition settled in, she lost her smile for a split second, it was barely noticeable. She nodded towards us and walked away towards the direction George went.

“She wants to show us she knows the house well” Uju whispered to no-one in particular

“Uju calm down, that might be his girlfriend” I said.

“No, she is not. They can’t be anything more than fuck buddies. She obviously wants more than that though”

“And you want to join the love triangle” I asked her

“Who told you I am in this for love, I just need a little excitement in my life. It’s getting dull”

“Oh, I see” I said as I saw George walking back towards us

Uju stood up, as he got closer she threw her arms around him as she hugged him. They stood that way as Jessica and I looked on. He smiled and waved at us as we returned the gesture. The hug seemed to last longer than usual, I looked away feeling awkward as I watched the activities in the room.

“We have few girls in attendance, would you girls mind serving food to the guests. It’s already packed, just help in the distribution” George said after he left Uju’s grip

“Sure” We nodded.

Hours later the party was in top gear, drinks, left-over food were all over the place. Most of the guests were dancing, my phone battery was red and I no longer had an excuse to fix my gaze on it. Uju and Jessica were already on the dance floor, I looked at the other end of the room and saw George dancing closely with the light skinned beauty. She was all-over him and hasn’t let him out of her arms since the moment she took him away from Uju’s seductive moves which she called dancing. I looked at my wristwatch it was just 11:50pm, I sighed and mumbled to myself “This is going to be a long night”

I took one of the plastic red cup on the table in front of me as I sipped its content, it tasted different but I felt it was maybe a drink I haven’t tasted before. I kept sipping the content of the cup till it was empty as a means to distract and keep myself busy.

* * *

“Gather round everyone, it’s midnight let’s get this party started” The chubby bubbly guy who opened the door for us earlier announced as he put off the music. I wondered what else they had for the night as I hoped this would end soon so I can find a bed as I felt dizzy.

Uju and Jessica sat beside me as everyone gathered round forming a zig-zag circle.

“Did you take my drink?” Uju said looking at me with a shocked expression

“I thought it was mine, yes I did”

“Oh! Lord, that’s Vodka”

“So?” I said still confused

“So, it’s not for light headed people like you, please don’t take anything alcoholic again this night”

I eyed her as I looked away, the whole guests were settled already as the chubby guy took centre stage.

“Okay, we are playing a popular game called truth or dare. Here’s the thing there are no rules, no limits to questions and requests as long as it’s not physically harmful to anyone. Every question must be answered and every request must be granted, we are not accepting money as a way out from anyone” There was a loud shout of protest, as most of the ladies disagreed to this.

“Calm down ladies” he said smiling “If you want out of the game leave this circle now or forever hold your peace”.

I contemplated the offer, I looked at the guests as I waited for someone to stand up so I will join them but no one did.

“I know what you are thinking Amaka, better sit down” Uju whispered to me

I sighed as I accepted my fate and hoped the game would be over before it gets to my turn.

“We would start from here” He said pointing towards his left hand side “So my guy over there, you would ask the person seated next to you “Truth or Dare”. So everyone, the person next to you is your partner, let the game begin.”

“Truth or dare?” a slim, guy with glasses said smiling at the guy next to him

“Truth” He replied.

“Have you ever cheated on your girlfriend?”

A loud shout accompanied the question as everyone turned towards a dark female seated at the other end. “Moment of truth, his girlfriend is here o” Someone shouted.

“No, never” he said smiling at the girl who was grinning from ear to ear.

There was a loud applause as some ladies said “owwwww”

“It’s your turn Mr Lover man”

“Truth or Dare?” He said facing George.

“Dare” George said smiling.

“Ok, I dare you to kiss emmmmm” He said as he scanned the room.

My heart beat began a marathon race. I picked my phone from the table, looking at a blank screen.

“I dare you to kiss that pretty, sexy lady on a green gown”.

I looked up quickly, everyone in the room had their eyes on me. “Oh! My God” as I felt my heart sink.
I decided to stall, hoping he would change his mind, I looked at Uju and Jessica. Jessica was smiling, Uju looked a bit disappointed

“We are waiting” the chubby guy announced.

I looked at George, the light skinned lady beside him was visibly fuming as he walked towards me. I cleaned my sweaty palms on my lap as I stood up, I decided to meet him halfway, I should have opted out of this game I thought.

“Move to the center of the circle” A guest shouted. We obeyed, looking at George he wasn’t smiling either. I wondered what he was thinking, I knew this was a big deal for him.

We stood at the center, Boyz II Men ‘I’ll make love to you’ was playing softly in the background and I knew this was more than I bargained for. He held my waist and drew me closer Please relax, it’s no big deal. “The more we stall the longer we will stand here” he said whispering to my ears as his lips were almost touching them.

“Stop whispering and kiss” Someone else shouted.

I looked up at him as we both hesitated waiting for who will make the first move, I decided to imagine it was Roland. I put my hands around his neck as I moved closer, I tilted my head and closed my eyes as I felt his lips place a soft kiss on my cheek, and that led to another kiss closer to my lips I knew he was teasing me. I opened my eyes slightly, he drew me closer, and everywhere went silent as if we were all anticipating his next move. His lips touched mine, I decided not to open my lips till the kiss was over as if sensing my decision he began sucking on my lower lips and I felt a shiver run down my spine, he flicked his tongue on my lower lips as if there was honey rubbed all-over it. I let out a low moan I didn’t recognize as mine as I closed the gap between us, opened my lips and his grip on my waist tightened. He accepted my offer, deepening the kiss as our tongues started a sensual game of their own. We paused for a moment breathing hard, as he tried to continue the kiss I tilted to the left to stop him but his lips landed on my neck instead, he rained kisses on them as he moved to my ear, the second he had his tongue on the lobe of my ear my knees went weak and I was shivering visibly. I took a step backwards, opened my eyes as our eyes met I saw he was breathing as hard as I was.

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DJ STiphBami – Beats and Juice (BJ 2021)

Mani Lapussh – SHIGè

Shadow – Dead Roses

TareeQ – Medicine



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