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I Have Never Betrayed Toyin Aimakhu – Yomi Fabiyi

Yomi FabiyiOsinbajoNollywood actor, Yomi Fabiyi has explained why he stopped being friends with actress, Toyin Abraham.

In a recent interview with Biodun Alao, Yomi said he began to notice some things about the movie star that he was not happy with.

According to him, the war began when he decided to not cast her in one of his movies, even when she indicated interest in featuring in it.

He added that he could not grant her wish because he needed a new face.

His words, “For those that probably get to know us when I am trying to correct some vices in the industry. I have always been there for my colleagues in the industry, not just in Toyin’s case alone, even for my friend that are not in the movie industry, for my family members for people on the street, that I don’t even know anything about. That is exactly who I am and how God has created me. Maybe that is why, I have not been extremely rich, I care and fight for people more compared to myself. And I am not ready to change that for anything because that is exactly who I am.”

“In Toyin’s case when I choose to stop our friendship several things that she has done, some that I noticed on social media, some came as huge surprise and I was like, it better not be you when some issues came up, I got angry, corrected her and forgive her immediately, because I thought it was not intentional. Take for example Baba Suwe denied being side, I was scared NDLEA was going to come for me, that God I managed the situation and God.

I also managed it for me and the truth came out later. I never did anything wrong with her and I have always done anything wrong to her and I have always been there as a friend. But honestly, what really annoyed me that also made me keep coming out against her is this. A lady that I have never met in my life, somebody that will probably be my fan and even respect me for my exploit in the industry could go to the extent to plot evil against me all because I was advertising my movie.”

“A particular movie Toyin wanted to act in but I said. I wanted a new face to play the lead, the movie is titled “Agbedi Meji’s but I stood my ground on using a new face not because she is not a fantastic actress or I don’t appreciate her talent, but because I feel it is wrong for me to keep using a particular face for my movies. If this does not go well with you, I expect that you will let me know. I have used you in some other movies, where you have won the best actor for my movie and I mean well for you.

I never betrayed or hurt you, and all our secrets remain intact. Eventually when the movie came out, when I should be doing well with my movie, it was supposed to be the next level because it was an old school movie and I shot it in Cinema standard though my intention was not Cinema. I was only trying to test run and the audience love it and included it was a Cinema standard movie. I expected all the support I deserve from you, but all of a sudden a strange lady called Eunice Eniola Omoshalewa Lawal posted on Instablog on the comment section of a particular article that was posted, wrote all manner of lies about me, and people started tagging me, so I went to check and also checked the person name.”

“First thing I wanted to do was to Ignore because the moment you give it a response you have given the story life. Then the next day iIstablog munched that particular comment from the comment section added my picture and the lady’s in question picture and gave it a headline. I looked at the story critically, added two plus two and went straight to her (Toyin)I wanted to see reaction, what I got was really disappointing, and that was won I told her, that I don’t want to know the role she played in the whole issue but I will never be her friend again.”

“But that particularly lady Omoshalewa would have paid yearly for her mistake, I will definitely get to the bottom of the whole story. I might not be the first actor to be accused of wrongly or have scandals in the industry but I was really angry with the whole issue. And I was like if this menace becomes a trend, it will definitely destroy the movie industry. I know the sacrifices I have done for the sake of peace in the industry.”

“After the death of Moji Olaiya, during the burial, we had three different prayer sections for deaths to stop in the industry. I initiated it because I want the best for my colleagues in the industry I want all of us to live to eat. The fruits of our labour. I know how actors work so hard to get that stardom and keep it. What would I gain if anybody dies, what would I gain, if no one is making it. I have nothing to gain. As far as am concerned, they are all my first family. So if somebody for whatever reason will now use a fan, an innocent fan to perpetrate evil, violence, extreme witchcraft to a fellow actor and we all keep quiet, it will surely get worst. I charged the lady to count.”

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