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The Receptionist – [Episode 6]

The Receptionist

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November 26th 9:30 PM

I was still tongue-tied, feeding my eyes with the sexy man before me. I suddenly remembered I haven’t mentioned my excuse for knocking at his door at this ungodly hour.
‘I…..I forgot my phone in your car’ I stammered. When he gave no response, I started dancing on my feet
‘I remember you mentioned leaving early tomorrow morning’ I couldn’t look him in the eyes so I kept darting my eyes in different directions.
‘Ok’ He said as he walked back into the room
I rolled my eyes at the ceiling in confusion, ‘Do I wait here or go in?’ I asked myself, ‘Why does he act like this all the time?’
‘Come in, or do you want to stand there?’ He called in from his room
Stepping into the room I was so nervous, deciding it would be a bad decision to sit or make myself comfortable. I perched myself by the door while he walked back into the restroom holding a stripped shorts and T-shirt
‘I will be with you in a minute’ He said walking back into the restroom.
I looked around the room, his phones and laptop were lying on the bed but I didn’t spot my BlackBerry Q5 device.
‘Ok, let’s go to the car park’ He told me with his car keys in hand
I nodded in agreement as I noticed he had some clothes on now and still looked as tempting as he was with just a towel on. Following behind him, we walked in silence while I prayed I survived this job
‘How come you just remembered you left your phone by this time?’ He asked
‘I wanted to call my mum and that was when I actually searched for it , I thought I had it with me all this while’
‘You didn’t have any other suitable attire to put on before knocking on my door?’
There was a bad feeling in my tummy as I didn’t have a good response to that question which I wasn’t sure if it was a question or an observation, so I decided to act like I didn’t hear him. Thankfully he didn’t repeat the question or even look towards my direction. We made the rest of the trip to the car in silence.

9:45 PM

Michael has called me several times already, I imagined with distaste the lecture I was going to get from him, I decided to save the drama for tomorrow. I sent a text to my mum, I assumed she would be sleeping already and made a mental note to call her the next day
‘Are you feeling sleepy?’ Mr Ifeanyi asked.
‘Not really’ I answered, trying to play safe
‘Ok, I have a small task for you. I have so many things on my plate which I have to round up before dawn’
‘Ok’ I said a bit reluctantly
‘Don’t worry I won’t take your time’ He assured, sensing my hesitation. ‘I just need you to respond to some mails, I would be there to tell you what to type. I just need you to do that while I put finishing touches to my presentation tomorrow’
‘Ok Sir’ I answered, knowing I had no choice. I looked at my nightgown and contemplated telling him I would be more comfortable if I could go and change but I said nothing.
Walking back into his hotel room, the cautious side of me looked around to be sure I wasn’t seen going into his room at that time of the day, I didn’t need more gossip. I perched at the corner of his sofa immediately I was inside, wishing I had a jacket on but I tried not to let his sense my discomfort.
He began dropping files on the coffee table, his ipad followed and finally the laptop.
‘I would use the ipad, while you use the laptop’
Picking up his laptop, I switched it on as I wondered when he ever took a break from working or how his life outside the office was.
‘It’s requesting for your password’ I told him
‘Ok, give me the laptop’ He answered dropping the ipad he was holding earlier
Our eyes met as the laptop exchanged hands, I felt a sudden unease, his gaze lingered a little longer than necessary on my face. He placed the laptop on the coffee table but his eyes did a long travel down my body. I felt all sorts of butterflies in my tummy, I started twisting my fingers on my lap, wishing I could cover up.
He continued his tour of my body but it was difficult to know what he was thinking, he was a master in keeping a blank expression. He returned his attention to his laptop, the tension I felt in the air didn’t seem to affect him.
‘Yvette you should be in your room enjoying your sleep and not here, how could you even forget your phone’. I said to myself
‘Ok, you can have the laptop. I have opened my mail. Start from the last mail to the first’
‘Ok sir… The first mail is an invite to an event next week’
‘Ok, ignore that’ He answered.
I looked up at him and our eyes met again, I knew I had caught him staring.
I looked away but he didn’t, I wondered how long we would continue with this eye games this night. Finally, he stood up, walked towards the wardrobe in the room , took out a t-shirt.
‘Put this on’ He stated, I knew I couldn’t protest and was grateful for the cover.
His eyes followed my every movement while I pulled the shirt over my head, putting on a shirt suddenly felt like I was going on a life or death mission.
‘Calm down Yvette’ I told myself, in an hour or less you would be out of here. But not out of his life another part of me reminded me
‘OK, now we can continue’ He said as he settled back into his chair.

10: 30 PM

I let out a yawn involuntarily, it was over thirty minutes of typing and sending mails and I was totally tired.
‘You are tired’ He said stating the obvious
‘Yes, feeling sleepy’ I admitted hesitantly
He let out his very rare smile, while I admired him wondering what was making him smile.
‘You can go back to your room, you have done more than enough, I will send a mail to your boss to pay you for overtime today’
‘It’s not necessary sir, you have done enough already’ I protested
‘I am the boss here Yvette and I am paying you for today’
I was about responding when my phone started ringing, I left out a low sigh of exhaustion when I saw Michael’s name on my screen. I can’t deal with this now, I thought to myself
‘Pick up your call’ He said with a mischievous smile
‘Hello’ I said picking up the call mainly because I knew Michael would keep calling if I didn’t pick up
‘Yvette, wasap I have been calling you’
‘I am fine’
‘Are you still mad at me?’
‘No, I am not’
‘I am sorry for calling you naive, I am just worried’
Or jealous I wanted to say but I remembered I had Mr Ifeanyi with me though he was more interested in whatever he was doing on his iPad
‘Its nothing Michael, how was work today?’ I asked changing the topic
‘Work was fine…..Can I come visit you tomorrow at the hotel?’
‘I will let you know if you can, let’s see how it goes’
‘Goodnight.. I feel better now knowing you are OK and not mad at me’
‘I am not, talk to you tomorrow’ I said as I let out another tired yawn
‘Goodnight’ I said standing up and started heading towards the door.
‘Are you leaving?’ Mr Ifeanyi asked walking towards me
‘Yes sir’
‘OK, take it off’ He said
‘What?’ I answered looking confused
‘The T-shirt…..but you can have it if you want it’
‘No, thank you’ I declined already taking off the shirt and handed it back to him
He took the shirt but didn’t let go of my hand, instead he closed the gap between us. I had a worried and confused expression on my face
I couldn’t move or leave, I was curious and also highly tempted. I decided to push my curiosity, I was tired of guessing what I felt or what he felt. I closed the gap, it was either he turned me down or takes the clue I was giving him. We both waited for who would make the first move, I was cautious not to openly seduce the boss. He finally made the move for both of us, the speed of my heartbeat was so fast I could win a marathon. I was expecting his lips to touch mine but he had a different route in mind, my neck was the first to receive the first batch of soft sensual kisses. My knees went weak as I felt a jolt of pleasure, I gave in spreading my hands on his shoulder. His hands found their home on my waist, the sheer material of my night dress made it feel like it was on my bare skin. His attention shifted from my neck, we started the eyes game again, as I waited for his next move which we both knew what it was. I wanted him to take the lead and prayed he would. My prayers were answered when his lips met mine, it was a guarded kiss at first as we were both testing the other, pushing how far we could take this. Finally, he skillfully opened my lips to his and I knew at that point my life was about to get complicated

OK, I tried to think of a cake to describe the feeling I was experiencing but I couldn’t come up with any. Mr Ifeanyi’s kisses was even more addictive than any I could think of, it was a sweet indulgence I didn’t want to purge myself of yet

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  3. The receptionist,am on suspence

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