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Story of a Benin Babe [Episode 11]

Story of a Benin Babe

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When I got back to school on wednesday I wasn’t really in a happy mood, all through the time I stayed in the hotel Leonard never called my intercom or even tried to come back to my room, I felt really bad, but then again guess it was for my own good too, because it seemed very strange that I was the kinda babe that could ever fall for guy to the extent of wanting to make love to a stranger at that.
I started to feel angry with myself, because this was more of the reasons I was ok with girls only, I was more of a play girl and don’t fall in love, why now?

I never really got to know the real Leo and I wasn’t supposed to be worried about the incident but I was..

I tried to see if being around Collins would make me feel any better but it didn’t, mind you, Collins was just a guy I was fond of, due to his reputation in school, and groovy nature, anything else was just a joke. Collins on the other hand was so excited when I got back to school, in fact he really was different towards me, like calling me always, checking up on me, even comes to class to wait for me till I’m done, making people in school really know that we were dating, and I wasn’t really ok with this new improvement because my quiet, and coded lesbian rep was at stake..

Everyone in school now knew that Collins was my official boyfriend even the girls I had f**ked in school that thought I was basically a full lesbian started wondering what was going on, even some of the ladies that had eyes for Collins started getting green with envy, some even started beefing too, while some tried to be friends with me..

It got so bad, that some lecturers started giving me special treatment as per the most notorious cultist girlfriend on campus.

Collins was all over me, and to my surprise I liked it, because I needed all the distraction I could get right now

…… …… ……

I woke up the next day feeling some funny movement under the duvet, the movement was rubbing my stomach, then went up to my breast and my n**ples, chai and my n**ples were a no go area early in the morning because that is when I feel very aroused more, plus that was my weakness, the hand kept on rubbing my n**ples, up and down and my body started to vibrate before I could say jack, I felt someone started kissing me on the lips, I almost thought I was dreaming, till I felt a n**ple on my n**ples, I opened my eyes and saw Naomi my roommate, trying, to finger me..

To say I was shocked is an understatement, Naomi mrs holy holy, or so I thought, guess she had it in her all this while but was very good at hiding it from me, I started to put one and two together and realised she has always given me a green light but I was just too blind to notice because I wasn’t sure what they were.

Naomi kissed me so deep and moved to my neck, ear, then she grabbed my b**bs in her mouth and start to do the most amazing thing anyone had ever done to me, I was dripping already, I tried to talk but she kissed me instead, and begged me not to stop her. We made sweet love throughout that day and didn’t even go for lecture.

I was β€Žspeechless after the whole ordeal, because not only did we make crazy love I also found out she was a nympho and also very jealous and possessive.. this whole event brought out a new light to how I looked at Naomi..
She became like a lost puppy, always wanting us to go to school together, wanting, always hanging around me.. what we usually call ‘gum body’. I’m not the relationship type let alone not with Naomi because she wasn’t my type.

She even started getting jealous whenever she sees me with Collins or even anyone for that matter. Whenever I’m about taking my bath, she would come join me, and before you know it, she would start making love to me, kissing me all over, fingering me, sucking both b**bs and clits, we end up f**king and forget about going for lectures and this was telling on my attendance in school, and even on Collins too, as he started to complain bitterly about not having time for him and always missing lectures.

One Saturday morning, as usual Naomi woke me up with her regular drill, romancing, kissing, fingering and licking, I was already dripping like a running tap, she removed her panties, and sat on my face with all her juice dripping down my tongue, I must confess, I never expected Naomi to be this good, I was licking, and squeezing her n**ples, while my tongue dug deep into her holes, with the hunger of a mad dog, she was moaning so loud, thank God for NEPA our Soundcity channel was playing Usher’s sound Dive on loud volume. I was sucking her like crazy, I couldn’t bear it again so I pushed her on the bed with her long leg open, I inserted my thick swollen clits unto her own long full clits while we f**ked ourself like it was our last, grinding, kissing, sucking and biting her n**ples till we came together on the bed..

We were still on top each other when I heard a sound of a guy behind us, the sound was like that of someone jerking off, only for us to turn and lo and behold, what we saw made us feel like the ground would open to swallow both of us..

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