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Story of a Benin Babe [Episode 16]

Story of a Benin Babe

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Woke up few hours later in a very beautiful room, with a worried look on my kidnapper’s face, to my surprise it was like a dream when I opened my eyes clearly to see who was staring down at me, I was lost for words to say.
Are you OK, do you feel better now, you fainted when I tried to get you out of the scene, it was very dangerous hanging around such a place, Leonard said.

He looked handsome than ever and he had he whole beard trimmed in a lovely V-shape that made his lips so sexy and tempting to kiss. I brushed the thought outta my head and sat upright..

How did you find me, the last time I ever saw you was in abuja and you ran off on me like I was infected with some kind of deadly diseases without any word till now, are tracing me or you some kinda sick dude?

I was boiling with anger and emotions, I couldn’t believe my eyes, my Leo is here with me, my chocolate hunk, but still angry at what he did to me at the hotel in abuja.

Hey! Hey !! My darling slow down lemme explain what happened, to me..

I don’t care whatever happened to you, you had no right leaving me all wet and full with emotions like a cheap slut..
Shhhhh! My sweet, am sorry about what happened am not like that please give me time to explain to you, was his response with his lips coming close to mine, I could not resist it because I really missed him or so I thought..

He kissed me and I forgot about all the trouble of the world, his tongue connected with my tongue, while my hands went round his neck out of their free will, the kiss got deeper, with each moan, I started to caress his nipples, with my free hands, he then let out a little cry of pleasure, he took my hands and put it inside his short and damn he was filled with the holy ghost, he was as hard as a rock, I started to shiver, I didn’t know what was happening to me but I started getting very cold.
He came down to my pu**y pulled down my jeans and opened my legs, I was so wet and dripping like a fountain, he licked my wetness and my clits became very erect, with the sight alone he murmured sh*t.
Honey you are beautiful, he dug his tongue into my hole and started to suck on my clit, I started to moan, ohh! Yea, ooh!! baby please I want more, please don’t stop, please sweet, bite it abit please bite my clit a bit, my nipples were on fire, he kept sucking and licking like his life depends on it, then we did a 69, it was like I was going to faint. His d*ck was so big for my mouth, I couldn’t bear it, then he slut his index finger into my ass and started to finger f*ck me, I had never felt such pleasure in my life..
Before I knew it I was going to cum, I started to pinch, scratch, drag the bed cover and duvet, he then switched positions and swallowed all my cum.. he then brought his dick to my face and came all over my face while I licked him up..

Immediately our phones rang, it was from the doctor.


DJ STiphBami – Beats and Juice (BJ 2021)

Mani Lapussh – Whine For Me

Shadow – Dead Roses

TareeQ – Medicine



  1. bravo admin….i pray that the nxt episode wont be till next yr sha.

  2. Abeg I don wait taya for the next episode. Wen is it coming na.

  3. Mr naijavibe observer

    pls admin is this how ur story take end????

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