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Story of a Benin Babe [Episode 14]

Story of a Benin Babe

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On my way out of the hostel, my phone kept ringing, I didn’t bother picking because I didn’t want to talk to anybody, my mind was very far and I was irritated with the scene that just played in my room.. to think Naomi never liked Collins all this while, and that she would be the last person to even open her legs for him, mehn this was indeed a strange world, we don’t really know who is who any more‎.

Thank God exams were over for me and didn’t have any class to attend, I got to GRA in the main town and stopped in front of Sage hotel, I wasn’t in the mood to sleep in that room tonight and I wasn’t gonna even go back till I cool my head, “Chill Funke why are you even getting all worked up, thought you did not like guys” my head kept repeating it to me, but I was just not in the right frame of mind to even reason straight.. so I got to the reception, paid for a room, got my key and went in to have a cool bath, maybe that would help me calm down abit.

* * * * * * * * *

“Naomi where have you been all my life, I never knew you were this adventurous in bed‎, omo you are the real deal mehn”, Collins said

“see who is talking, you that was always all over Funke and didn’t even have my time, when you come visiting you don’t even say hi, like I don’t exist”, Naomi said
“haba Naomi how can you say that, you know you never liked me from the on set, even Funke always ask me if we had a fight before, or so but I told her I have no idea why you were always rude to me, maybe its because you had eyes for me all this while” and they both laughed together, while cuddling on the bed
“come to think of it where is Funke Collins asked? I thought you were pleasing her on the bed just now”, he asked
“well I think she had a call and stepped out, she would be back soon” was Naomi’s reply..
“well I have got to go, would check back on you girls later and always include me in your fun ok”, with that he pecked Naomi and left.

Naomi dialled Funke’s ‎number for the 5th time but there was no response, it just rang but no one was picking, so she pinged but only to find out that Funke had deleted her from bbm, hmm that was strange, why delete me off bbm, was something wrong, or was Funke angry with me that I helped her sleep with her boyfriend, thot she didn’t really like him and was even doing her a big favour, too bad if she felt that way mtscheww was Naomi’s thoughts, and went into the bathroom to clean up.

* * * * * * * * *

It was a weekend after Funke had packed her few things and lodged in a hotel. The last few days had been boring, sleeping, eating, watching tv, she wished she had someone to talk to, but she didn’t, she started to feel bad, she has refused to pick Naomi or Collins numbers even any number that wasn’t stored on her phones was not answered, she deleted Collins and Naomi from her BBM and blocked them on Whatsapp even Lade tried calling a couple of times but she refused picking it, she wasn’t in any mood for chitchat, she considered going back home since school was going on holidays anytime soon but wasn’t sure if Lasgidi was where she wanted to be now because she won’t be able to drive herself home, moreover mumsy was gonna get suspicious about her ride, she didn’t have any explanation to give yet about the car, she has managed to keep it a secret for 2 years since Mrs Ayodele got it for her as a birthday gift, she picked up her car keys and her phones, and stepped out, making up her mind that she was going home to Lagos, she would try to drive herself down, she can always park her car at her friend’s place in VI or better still lie to her mum that it’s not hers.

She checked out of the hotel, drove back to the hostel, opened the door with her key knowing that Naomi would be in school for her last paper, only for her to get the shocker of her life..


DJ STiphBami – Beats and Juice (BJ 2021)

Mani Lapussh – Whine For Me

Shadow – Dead Roses

TareeQ – Medicine



  1. watin for the next one

  2. I just saw this series today and I’m so hooked. This is really incredible writing. Keep it up abeg. I’m already a junkie for this stuff

  3. Your stories take one year to come out. Nawa

  4. Love ur post.

  5. It takes a while before another chapter comes out.

    It takes a while before another chapter comes up but lovely storyline

    • Thanks for reading. Please understand that our team is a hardworking team, but we have other challenges to meet up to.

      warm regards as you continue to visit and read

  6. I'm so into this story frm the beginning bt it's taking too long to end,please make it longer nd faster than b4,I will want to see the end b4 I get busy again,Good work though

    I’m so into this story frm the beginning bt it’s taking too long to end,please make it longer nd faster than b4,I will want to see the end b4 I get busy again,Good work though

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