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Story of a Benin Babe [Episode 12]

Story of a Benin Babe

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When I turned to see where the noise was coming from, I was shocked to see Collins jerking off behind the door, with his pants and boxers down, we were so carried away with our love making that we forgot to lock the door.

It was obvious that collins might have knocked a couple of times but with no response had tried opening the door and met us on each other.. I was so embarrassed and felt like disappearing, to think he actually watch me f**k Naomi and enjoyed watching us got me irritated and mad at the same time..

When he was done jerking off he just took out a handkerchief and cleaned himself up, to my surprise Naomi wasn’t. Even moved or scared that he had watch us making love or that she was still fully naked, all she just did was stand up went into the bathroom and clean herself up, she came out kissed me passionately got dressed and was about going out when collins stopped her and told her to sit down, she was about refusing when she saw the look on his face and went back to sit down as he ordered..
I was already shaking where I was because I have never seen Collins with that type of look before, or heard him raise his voice like that too.

Naomi could sense that there was trouble because she also started to stammer when she spoke that she needed to go to class and had a test to write too.

The next thing I heard was “now funke so this has been the reason you have been refusing to have sex β€Žwith me all this while abi?”

“To think I love you so much and thought you were not ready yet, even when the gist was everywhere that you are a chronic lesbian in schoolβ€Ž, I still didn’t believe, hmm and to think you f**k so good and refused to f**k me.. wow, I should be given the award for the biggest fool in Benin”

I tried to go close to him to calm him down and explain but all he did was push me.
Naomi stood up and rushed to me, he dragged her by her hair and pushed her back to her seat, she stood up and started to insult him and the next thing I heard was a dirty slap on her face, I screamed and started crying while I went on my knees begging, he looked at me and dragged me up, his eyes red like someone who just finished smoking igbo, I was so scared I couldn’t alter a word, all I did was just beg..

He then said, “are you even a virgin as u claimed, how come you enjoy being a lesbian, what do you gain in rubber dildo that I cannot give you, I’m disappointed in you”, I started to talk and he hushed me, with a dirty slap too and told me to remove my night gown that I quickly wore when I saw him jerking off.

I was so scared and started crying again, as the gown dropped to the floor, I became totally naked in front of Collins, he looked at me from head to toe and said wow, you are indeed very beautiful inside out, see how hard your nipples are, guess you need a real d*ck, I started to talk and he hushed me and said he wasn’t going to be denied my pussy again, no more Mr nice guy, I must have you to my fill today till I’m tired.

He then told me to lie on the bed with my legs wide open, but surprisingly I was dripping wet and my clits were erect and covered with my cum..

Immediately Naomi saw it, she started to moan and beg to eat me up, that she was willing to make Collins f**k her instead while she eat me up.. Collins was shocked and before he could refuse Naomi stripped every last clothing on her body and came to where I was lying and started to kiss me, I was scared to return the kiss but she didn’t care she just kept kissing and moaning at the same time, she took my n**ples in her mouth and I let out a silent moan, she start to rub her n**ples against mine and I forgot about Collins in the room, she went down on me.

Shit!!! was what came out of Collins mouth.. as he began to stroke his d*ck while watching Naomi eat and lick me up.

I didn’t even care about him any more because I was in cloud nine already, Naomi had a very big butt too, but not as big as mine and Collins was a sucker for big butts so he was pleased to have her from behind, but he wanted to have a taste of her wet juicy p**sy too.

So he went down on Naomi while she was on me, and he started to lick her ass down to her labia and her clit, Collins was quite good when it came to eating a p**sy so Naomi was in for a shocker of her life..

Collins ate Naomi so well that she started to beg him not to stop, she was vibrating, she even forgot about me on the bed, and started to moan loud, screaming Collins! oh Collins!! baby!!! honey!!! oh gosh, yeah, f**k me from my ass, please f**k my a**hole, pleaaaaaaaase

I started to get jealous, because she was really enjoying what he was doing to her and I was left out of the game when I had not even cum.. msheeew.
Collins brought out his d*ck and Naomi quickly took it into her mouth and started sucking him, sucked him like those girls in porn, Collins was just moaning, like aaa big fool and I was getting green with envy..

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