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Story of a Benin Babe [Episode 13]

Story of a Benin Babe

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I just sat and watched how Collins was enjoying himself, while I sat up to watch as Naomi came like a running tap while sucking just d**k, how much when he gives her the real deal, I was irritated to think Naomi prefered his d**k to my sweet p**sy.

I watched as Naomi started to suck his balls, like she was licking a fruit, I was disgusted to say the least, how can you enjoy sucking d**k than a wet creamy p**sy?

They were really enjoying themselves because I saw him start to kiss Naomi on the lips, so deep that he was rubbing all her body and rubbing his dick on her thighs, Naomi was just moaning like she was starved, to think we just finished making love twice this morning.. I then made up my mind not to f**k her again, she can have Collins for all I care, I’m done with both of them.

F**k my ass! yes! f**k it deep, was what I heard next, wow, she really must be an expert in this game, to think I was a pro in my lez game was a joke compared to Naomi, Collins was groaning, I’m going to cum baby!

No don’t cum yet was her reply, please don’t..
oh, you’re killing me babes, please I need to cum now, Collins said again..

F**k me deep, deeper, don’t you f**king leave me hanging, I’m not done yet.. so don’t cum..

oh shiiiiiit, baby, am trying not to but your ass is so damn, tight, it’s haaard not to cum..

I’m almost there sweet, don’t come yet

Please I’m coming, aah aah, oooh, yeeeh, baby, I’m cuming inside of you, haaaaa, Collins shouted

I’m cuming, I’m cumin, ooh, my god! oh god!! mummy!!! haaa. And they both came and collapsed on each other.

I was so irritated, angry and just stood ‎up, wore my gown, took my phones, car key and drove out of the hostel, had no idea where I was going to and why I was angry just knew that I didn’t want to be in that room with them.


DJ STiphBami – Beats and Juice (BJ 2021)

Mani Lapussh – Whine For Me

Shadow – Dead Roses

TareeQ – Medicine



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