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Story of a Benin Babe [Episode 15]

Story of a Benin Babe

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I stepped into the room to find Naomi’s unconscious body on the bed half dead, naked with blood stains all over the room, I screamed covered her up and called for help, we took her to a nearby hospital..
I tried calling her cousin whom is a banker in a neighbouring bank but her numbers were off, I was so confused and worried, all the anger I had for her immediately died, what happened to my lovely friend, I hope this wasn’t the hand work of Collins, I would kill him if he is behind all this mess.

*** *** ***

Omo! That babe sweet o, imagine as her ass tight, my dick just fit in perfectly sha ni o, as I dey nack the yansh and Mike dey f**k her pussy, with Seun for her mouth e be like say make I no come ni sha!
The babe na badoski, chai, Collins dey enjoy o, I even hear say he neva f**k that Funke babe o, omo Seun na me go hammer that babe mehn, how Collins go dey dull himself with fresh meat like that, me for don scatter the yansh tey tey, u knw say na wetin I like b DAT.
Kunle u dey mad, na only u like beta tin, see as u just concentrate on yansh alone, guy I dey suspect u o, dey all busted out laughing..
Shhh!!! Number1 dey come.

*** *** ***

After Naomi was stabilized, I found out that she was tied with rope to gang rape her, and was also infected with gonorrhea, I felt so bad, how could Collins do this to her what was the meaning of this, I wish I could go arrest him right now but I needed to me calm and hear the whole story from Naomi’s mouth.
I tried Collins’ number severely but it wasn’t connecting. I just got into my car and drove down to his hostel I’m going to get to the root of all this rubbish, how could he, I am so disappointed, she was willing to sleep with him, why gang rape or force her.

On getting to the hostel I heard voices and something that sound like bottle, followed by a gunshot, omo I had to park and hide o. I sneaked out of the car and hid behind a tree, I saw people running for their life and heard a voice from a distant shouting, na only you like beta tin, you were supposed to share, that is the rule of the game, everyone here has shared his babe without any questions asked because that is part of the code, before I could go close to hear again, I felt a cold hand on my back, before I could react the person dragged me up my feet and with the shock I fainted..

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