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Story of a Benin Babe [Episode 9]

Story of a Benin Babe

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I picked up my phone and saw an unknown number calling, my first instinct was to ignore the caller, but it kept on ringing, so I picked..
‘Hi my baby, how are you doing, it’s me Teniola’
‘Teni why are you calling me with a private number and where are you?’
‘Eh.. I travelled for an official meeting would be coming back on monday, you will have to reschedule your flight back to school till Wednesday, Lekan is on his way to give you some cash, I love you sweet, talk to you later’ and she hung up..
Hmmm, so much for enjoying my weekend with Teniola, I started to dry myself up with a straight face when I saw Leo come out of the pool to meet me.
‘Are you ok? Seems like the call wasn’t a happy one, from the look on your face? You mind sharing?’ he asked
‘I’m fine, it’s just that my friend won’t be coming back till Monday because of some official stuffs she has to attend to, and my flight will have to be moved to Wednesday,’ I said
‘Okay but that doesn’t seem too bad since you have got a new friend that can keep you company till your friend gets back on monday, so you won’t get bored’ he said
‘And who is this new friend’ I asked looking into his eyes and got lost again in them, he walked down to me and held my hands, and said in a little voice,
‘you have me, and I’m willing to be more than a friend if u let me, do you know you have the most amazing eyes I have ever seen,’ while he tried to kiss my lips.. he almost succeeded if not the waiter who interrupted us with our plate of chips and chicken we ordered.. phew! so much for perfect timing..
I used the opportunity to rush back to my room before he tries to come after me. I don’t know why I almost allowed him to kiss me, what if someone had seen us, what if Lekan had seen me, hmm Funke you have to stay away from Leo as much as possible.

oh fu*k!! This wasn’t fair at all.. no no way! I can’t believe I am saying this but I was feeling so horny and the only face that came to mind was Leo! I sat up in bed and faced the wall.
I hope this is not what I’m thinking, I can’t be catching feelings for anyone let alone a guy! jeeez.
I took out my sk, maybe this would help me get my mind off him, I thought.
After awhile I got a text from Lade asking if I was with Leo, that he left after I left and that she was hanging out with a new catch..
Lol naughty girl, I was surprised that she was having much fun than me, funny girl.

Just then someone knocked at the door.
‘who is there?’
‘It’s me Leonard’
Ahh, how did he get my room number?
Shit! Lade
No wonder she asked if he was with me, OMG! what am I going to do now? I thought of changing my voice to say wrong room, but my bitchy mind told me otherwise
‘I’m coming’ I said

I turned to look at the room, it was so cloudy from the smoke, I didn’t want him having any funny look when comes into the room, I quickly spray my body spray around the room while I found a robe around myself and opened the door to him.
‘Hi Leonard, can I help you?’ he didn’t even bother replying as he walked into the room.

He looked around the clouded room and smiled, without me asking him to sit, he walked to the bed and sat down, it almost got me angry and excited at the same time, but I wasn’t ready to fall into any man’s trap, plus Leo was too much of a temptation to even be alone in the room with.. I was so carried away with my thoughts that I forgot I had a visitor, it was his voice that brought my dumb skull back to reality lol..

‘I told you I was gonna keep you company till your friend gets back, so you don’t get bored for the next 24 hours’.
‘And who said am gonna be bored?’ I asked
‘you don’t have to say it, its all over your face that you already are, am here now so no more excuses’.
He moved to the bed, asked if I had any more of the sk I was smoking, he said he had not been able to get any since he arrived and won’t mind joining me. I was shocked, to think that he didn’t look like someone who smokes let alone smoke weed. I gave him a new stick of sk.
‘you didn’t think you were going to enjoy this alone in the cold room right?’ he said with another puff.
‘Now let me officially introduce myself, my name is Leonard Adetokunbo from Lagos State, I work with Global Merchants oil & gas. I’m a christian.’
‘So can I know more about you?’ he asked
‘sorry I can’t’, he just stared at me and shrugged
‘See I know, you dont like me, but am just trying to be a friend here, is that too much to ask?’
He came close to me and held my hands, ‘I’m not a monster, I know you are trying to be careful of whom you open up to, but I mean no harm’.
Now he was so close that all I could do was stare at his lips, he came closer and kissed me, his lips felt so soft, he kissed me again, but this time deeper, while he drew me closer to him, I kissed him back to my surprise, the kiss drew longer. I felt my hands moving underneath his shirt and rubbing his naked chest. pulling at his nipples. He moaned in my mouth as I kept on rubbing his nipples, he raised me up and placed me on the bed while removing my robe, I was as naked as a new baby, I had just shaved so I wasn’t worried, he stared at my flat tummy and full b**bs with my clit already poking its head out, he kissed my neck, my chest, went down my nipples and I let out a small cry, that was my weak spot. My nipples were so hard, he sucked on them so well that I started to shiver, he came down to my tummy and kissed me, while trailing his hands down my p**sy, I was going crazy, I could hear him say under his breath that I had the body of a goddess, he started to please me with his tongue on my p**sy.. I was going crazy, I never knew that a guy could please me this good.. He kissed my clit at the same time fondling my β€Žnipples, shit I thought I was going to faint, this pleasure was too much for me, he used his tongue to f**k me and I came all over his face.. now he wasn’t done with me yet, he stood up and brought out his d**k, and what I saw almost made me faint..


DJ STiphBami – Beats and Juice (BJ 2021)

Mani Lapussh – Whine For Me

Shadow – Dead Roses

TareeQ – Medicine


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