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Thorns & Roses [Episode 4]

Thorns & Roses

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And again I stared into those pair of gorgeous eyes, how can one person be this handsome? And he spoke
“I’m very sorry about the other time, I was out of line. I’m really sorry

Me: It’s okay. Just don’t be so rude to people next time, you never know whose help you might need in future
Him: Noted. To make it up to you, let me take you to dinner tomorrow
Me: I don’t think that’s necessary
Him: Now you’re making me feel bad. I insist. Pretty please?
Me: Okay fine. 7pm tomorrow then
Him: It’s a date. Forgive my manners by the way, I’m Ifeoluwa Williams, I work here
Me: I’m Oluwawemimo Adeleke. You can call me Wemmy
Ife: It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance Wemmy
Me: Same here
Ife: I guess I’ll see you tomorrow then. Enjoy the rest of your day
Me: You too

And with that, he left. Oh boy, this guy fine no be small o. He go don get babe as I dey look am. Who go see fine boy like this wey no go wan date am?

Sade’s voice jerked me out of my thoughts

Sade: Babe, how did you meet Mr Williams? You know he barely talks to anyone in this office. Keeps to himself. So many ladies have tried to get his attention but he gave them cold shoulder. How come he’s talking to you on your first day here and even asked you to dinner?
Me: We bumped into each other on my way here. He insulted me and I gave him a piece of my mind. Simple. He was so rude. I was so surprised when he came and apologize. I didn’t have any other choice than to agree to his dinner proposal, I didn’t want to seem proud
Sade: Na wa o.. Love in the air
Gina: Don’t be surprised dear. He’s just trying to get in your pants. He tried it with me last week

So, Mr Dreamy Eyes is a womanizer, I’m so disappointed
Sade: Giiiina!!! Eh, I fear you o.. Mr Williams did what?? And you didn’t tell me. You tell me everything. You know you’re lying abi?
Gina: Why would I lie? I just forgot to tell you about it
Sade: You and I both know you have the hots for him. I even remember you asked him to lunch once and he turned you down. Now you want to tell you turned him down. Don’t be a killjoy please. Wemmy pls, bring take away for me o. A bottle of wine
Gina: Mtcheeeeeew. Rubbish

I looked at both ladies and burst into laughter. Gina is a killjoy really. I knew I was gonna like Sade. Well I look forward to my dinner date. Back to work

“Oh sweet sweet bed, how I’ve missed you” I said as I flung myself on the bed. I am so tired, that woman that calls herself my boss almost killed me with work. Well the day wasn’t all bad as I remembered my encounter with Ife. I daydreamed about him until I fell asleep

I waited outside our gate as Ife came to pick me up. We went to a fancy restaurant in town.
Ife: Did I tell you earlier that you look beautiful?
Me: Nope
Ife: Well, forgive my manners Milady, you look absolutely gorgeous

I smiled sheepishly as he paid me compliment after compliment. A waiter came and gave us the menu. He asked what I’d like to eat and I decided to form ‘big girl’ for him. I ordered for one food I’ve never heard of. He just asked for Fried Rice and chicken with a bottle of champagne. The waiter came back and dropped what looked like a plate of.. to be candid, I dunno what’s in the plate. First spoon, I almost choked, ‘chai, see what forming has got me into’. The taste of the food was awful, I managed to eat it tho smiling at Ife as I did. ‘God, no, I feel it coming, I’m gonna throw up’ I mumbled some gibberish as I stood up to run to the restroom. But I didn’t get far as I emptied the contents of my stomach on my date. OMG, I just threw up on Ife. I’M SCREWED

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