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The Virgin [Episode Eight]

The Virgin

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For three days she couldn’t understand what the hell she saw on Kessie’s phone, she couldn’t comprehend how on earth Kessie would cheat on Ab the way she is doing, she wasn’t even sure if she could call it cheating.

Okay just stop there, that can’t be possible, she might be drinking and doing all sort but she wouldn’t dare cheat on me‘ Ab said when Marie T told him that Kessie had started cheating on him. By the time Marie T had finished explaining everything she saw and heard to Abayomi he was dumbfounded and couldn’t say a word. ‘Hello, are you still there?, Abayomi please say something‘ she said when she didn’t get a reply from him after 45 seconds of telling him that Kessie has started having sex.

Abayomi: Let even say what you are saying is true which I don’t believe why are you telling me?

Marie T: I am telling you because I know you are a good person and I know how much you love her.

Abayomi: Hmmmm, are you sure you are not jealous?

Marie T: Jealous of what?

Abayomi: Jealous of our relationship because Kessie had once told me you said you envy our relationship and you wish you could have what we have.

Marie T: I am not jealous and just so you know I have my own relationship, I am sorry for trying to be nice.Next time I would keep my mouth shut, thank you bye

And before Abayomi could say Jack Robinson she ended the call, Ab tried calling back but she didn’t pick the call. ‘Imagine where him carry talk go, me? jealous?, no be him fault na me way my mouth no sit down one place‘ she said as she continued to ignore his call.
He tosses his phone aside as he didn’t know what to do, confusion would be an understatement if we were to qualify how he feels. He had wanted to go out before but after hearing everything Marie T had said he just couldn’t go out again at least not in that state of mind. He decided to pick his phone and call Kessie though he didn’t know what he wanted to say to but he wanted to call and so he did.

Kessie: Hello my love

Ab: How are you dear?

Kessie: I am doing great dear and you?

Ab: I am not sure how I am doing, I’m really confused

Kessie: Confuse ke?, about what my love?

Ab: That’s the problem baby I don’t know what exactly is confusing me, I just know I am confused over something, that’s why I decided to call you maybe hearing your voice could make me feel better. So tell me what happenings in school, have you gone to see that man you wanted to go and see?

Kessie: I haven’t ooo, Marie T is not around, and she hasn’t been around for a week now

Ab: where did she go plus shey na only you come dey room?

Kessie: She said she is in her boyfriend’s house, nope I am not alone, Sarah came over, and we have been sleeping together.

Immediately he heard this, his head sparked as he remembered what Marie T told him.

Ab: Sleeping together! What do you mean by that?

Kessie: I meant she is staying over, chai your mind dirty wetin you quickly think?.

Ab: Hmmmmm, okay oooo, so how is she?

Kessie: She is fine, she just went out but would be back soon.

Ab: Alright then extend my greetings to her

Kessie: No p

Ab: I think I am much better now, thanks love

Kessie: Alright dear, just make sure you take it easy.

She said rightly before Ab ended the call. After ending the call the only thing that was ringing in his mind was ‘we have been sleeping together’ and he started considering what Marie T had told him about her. Three days later he got a call to come host an event in Benin and that was when it occurred to him to pay Kessie a surprise visit and probably they would eventually come to Lagos together. The day of the event he was going to anchor is the same day Kessie would be finishing her exam that was why he felt he could chill with her and come to Lagos together. He decided not to tell Kessie about the job he was coming to do in Benin for a reason; if he told her, she might insist that he come around and that would spoil his plans of catching her red-handed, that’s if at all she was doing all those stuff Marie T had said she was doing.


What the fuck is going on here, Oh My God Kessie so it is true?‘ he said in a very high voice when he made his surprise visit to see Kessie. The good thing about that day was the fact that he went there after his event if not he wouldn’t have been able to anchor the show.

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