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The Virgin [Episode Five]

The Virgin

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As her friendship with Sarah began to flourish so also was her dark side beginning to manifest, Marie T was very much surprise that Kessie could drop the whole good girl act after spending just one semester in school. Sarah on the other hand had always said that it is those who pretend to be holy that turn out worstand in the case of Kessie she was right at the same time wrong. She was right in the sense that what Kessie became was far worse to what she had predicted or expected but she was wrong because Kessie wasn’t pretending to be a good girl she was actually a good girl, a girl Abayomi wanted to take home to mama.
She started with Smirnoff Ice before she moved up the ladder to Andre and Moet, she lost her virginity and she didn’t even give a f*** about it, she broke up with Abayomi without even considering the fact that Ab was about to propose to her, she was living her dream, exactly what she told Marie T when Marie T questioned her about the kind of lifestyle she was now living.

Abayomi started to notice the change in Kessie when she came home for holidays, at first he didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to read any meaning into it but after much observation and some testing he knew something had changed about her but what it was he couldn’t figure it out because she hid all her bad girl attitude perfectly well. The weekend she came back from school, Ab was suppose to have a drink with his friends and as usual he called her to give her the heads up and that was the first time he noticed the change. Okay no problem, I guess I would see you tomorrow then”, that was the statement she said after he had told her that he was going out with his friends to drink. Drink, must you drink, sha don’t take more than two bottles you know I don’t like it when you drink” that was what Ab was expecting to hear and when those words didn’t come out of her mouth he was shocked and decided to repeat his statement again. I said I might be forced into drinking more than what I usually take” he said again. I heard you, or what do you want me to say that you shouldn’t drink, no now, you are a guy and I understand, so drink all the way just make sure you don’t get drunk”. Hearing these words made him speechless for about 40 seconds before he said alright see you tomorrow”.

While he was at the bar with his friends he was just wondering if everything was ok with Kessie, the bottle of beer he ordered was opened and he didn’t even take a sip, he was more like a seated ghost as he was not active and not flowing with his friends whom noticed it and asked guy how far, shey na until this beer hot before you drink am? His reply was simply not feeling too good” and few minutes after that he left his friends apologising for leaving them behind. The next morning he called Kessie after he had finished his laundry and told her to come over which she agreed to and once again he was surprise to see Kessie when she came. She was putting on a hot pant and a tan top something she had told him that she didn’t like and can’t even wear. His reaction was like ok you look sexy and I am happy to see you but really why dressed like this, I thought you didn’t like such dressing”.. Don’t you like it, shebi you are the one always complaining that I don’t dress sexy, now I am dressing like this for you, you are still complaining”. It was this statement that made him apologise and told her that not that I don’t like it, I am just surprised, I am sorry”. After his apology was accepted they both began to chat and did lots of catching up as they had different gist for each other but things almost went sore again when Abayomi told her that he didn’t drink yesterday night simply because of her. Come I don’t like it oooo, why would you say you didn’t drink because of me, didn’t I tell you to drink and enjoy yourself”, this was the reply she gave him right after he said that. I didn’t know you meant it, I thought probably you just said it because you wanted to tease me and see if I was going to do it”.. Tease you, when I am not Wizkid” she said before standing up from the chair she was seated baby look, I don’t want to be that girlfriend that hold her boyfriend back from drinking, if you and your guys are hanging out, please drink, okay” she added as she placed a kiss on his forehead.

Later that day they both got an interesting call at different hours of the night, Kessie was the happier person after the call, as Abayomi was left confuse, sad and didn’t know what to do concerning what he just heard about Kessie. Hello, It me, I know you are surprise that I am calling you but I need to tell you something about Kessie, I know how much you love her and you are a nice guy that’s why I am telling you this” the caller said immediately Abayomi picked his call. I am fine ooo just bored, I have been waiting for your call, I have missed you so much, this house is so boring can’t wait to be back at school” Kessie said to her caller when she picked her call.

Abayomi told his caller to end the call so that he could call back, he took him some minutes to call back because he had to go get credit and while he was getting the credit his mind wasn’t settled because he didn’t know what exactly the caller wanted to tell him about Kessie. What made him more worried was the fact that he knew the caller would only call him if it was necessary and for the caller to have called and said promise me you won’t tell her I called” only shows how serious it must be and that was why he credited his phone with a N1000. Don’t mind me jare, I have been sleeping all day, plus I thought calling you at night would be best because of what I want us to try” the caller that called Kessie said back to her.

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