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The Virgin [Episode One]

The Virgin

She knew this wasn’t the kind of relationship she wanted, she knew being with him would turn her into something she wasn’t, yet she couldn’t let go of him, she loved him like crazy and the thought of not being with him literally hurts her.

Physically and emotionally Abayomi was everything she wanted in a guy but his life style was something she honestly didn’t understand how to cope with. Every time Abayomi tells her some of the things he had done in the past she would simply say thank God you are not that person anymore” and he would reply of course I am not that person anymore” and she would say then you don’t have to tell me about it” and he also reply her by saying I have to just in case someone begin to tell you things about me”.

Kessie never intended falling in love with him but how she did is one mystery even she can’t explain. Yes, he is handsome, cool and most of all he is caring but deep down in her heart she knew there has to be more for her to have fallen in love with him. Every time she sees him she would always remember his first set of words to her hi my name is Abayomi and I have a feeling you would like me” and in her mind she was like see this guy, who the hell does he think he is that I would like him, very crazy”.

Abayomi had come to visit a former colleague of his when he saw her, Kessie is a family friend to his colleague and it was in her house they first met. Although after they started dating Abayomi confessed to have seen her picture on his former colleague’s phone prior to them meeting but when he asked from his former colleague who she was, the former colleague didn’t give him a suitable answer. Kessie also made her own confession, I won’t lie, after you left that very first time we met, I was kind of blushing at what you said that I was going to like you. I was just smiling and saying it in my mind that this guy is crazy, I mean good crazy not crazy crazy”. It was at this point she also told him that she was scared of him because of the way he had lived his life in the past and before she could say what her main fear is Abayomi cuts in and said like I said, it is all in the past I am not that person anymore” as he held her close around his arm and gave her a peak on her head.

At the moment she had everything she wanted, Abayomi was a blessing to her, though her life might not be going as she planned it but she has a relationship that makes her happy and a boyfriend that she can boost of in the midst of her friends and that enough was perfect for her. After the death of her mother she had learn how to depend on herself in other to provide for herself and her sister since their dad didn’t care much about them but having Abayomi in her life made her felt safer. He represents that father figure that is missing in her life even though he is just 25 years old still trying to make ends meets and not like she depended on him for any financial assistant but when she needed someone to talk to he was always there to listen and also give an advice which is more than what her dad had done since she lost her mother 7 years ago.

Abayomi on the other hand was actually trying hard to become a better person and stop been a player and a good girl like Kessie was all he needed, so asking her out and falling in love with her wasn’t accidental for him, it was more of a plan. He had somehow tricked his former colleague into telling him some things about Kessie and it was this information that he used to his advantage. Like he use to say every good girl needs a bad boy and every bad boy needs a good girl and Kessie is his own good girl. Abayomi needed to learn how to love a girl and not cheat on her and somehow he knew Kessie was the right girl to try his luck on and that he was correct about but what he didn’t see coming was who he became and who Kessie became when they had started dating.

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