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Jessica Bongo – Unscathed Ep [AuDio]

Jessica Bongo - Unscathed Ep [AuDio]

Jessica Bongos! the Jazz and Soul songstress has come forth with her debut EP called “Unscathed”.

The five track EP embodies a lot of soul and depth to the kind of music we are to expect from Jessica. Having chosen her very own style of music arrangement and style she teamed up with prominent producer Atta Lenell on her Debut EP. Tracks like “Walking Away” and “Never Said Thank You” touch the innermost part of avid music lovers, it’s the jolly ride for real music fans that want a taste of authenticity. Definitely a breath of fresh air, With a rich music heritage; being the daughter of the renowned Bongos Ikwue, its little wonder that Jessica inherited such colorful and full music orientation.

Listen to her Debut EP ‘Unscathed’ and get a feel of what we will surely hear a lot more from in the future!

DOWNLOAD Walking Away

DOWNLOAD Never Said Thank You

Stream and download FULL EP from www.jessicabongos.com

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