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OAP UCHECANCOOK assaulted by staff of Milverton Estate and the Nigerian Police


On Friday the 9th of June Africa’s foremost celebrity Chef, Uche Umeadi Popularly know as UCHECANCOOK of Inspiration FM show, ‘Saturday Morning Cookout’ SAW HIS WIFE AND CHILDREN ASSAULTED BY THE MANAGEMENT OF HIS ESTATE οΏ½AND THEIR SECURITY AGENTS οΏ½they underwent an incident that changed his life and that of the members of his family forever.

While protesting the injustice and shown by their residential estate management, they assembled their security agents and to their surprise roughly assaulted his wife and their 2 children as she tried to shield them from the men, she was dragged out hard enough to rip her underwear and the soles of both her leather shoes off, sustaining bruised arms and neck right in front of his eyes and several witnesses.

Chef uche is Nigeria’s foremost celebrity chef and is of high repute home and beyond the shores of Africa especially for transforming the image and reputation of our local cuisine.




Chef Uche asked the reason for being denied access to his apartment the only reason they gave him was that they had sold/leased the apartment and wanted to grant possession to a new owner, upon which their CSO handed over a copy of an internal memo, demanding that constituted due notice. Chef uche insisted that he and his family WERE NOT GIVEN ANY NOTICE PRIOR TO THE BREAKING AND ENTRY AND ASSAULT ON HIS WIFE AND TWO children that day and his wife started sending frantic messages to the owner of the Estate.

All pleas to access the apartment or even the management office to sort out the issues were denied and the security agents insisted he returned three days later to see them as their instructions were that “under no circumstances must they be let in”

As sitting tenants of five years this all seemed quite incredible and the family continued to beg for access especially as his drugs were in the house and he was on timed injections and secondly being a Jewish family nothing could be done on the Shabbath, not even rent a hotel for the night or buy some food.

“It was when they refused to even let my little 5 yr old kid just walk in and pick up my injection from the foyer table that I started realizing that they were actually serious, I initially thought it was just a normal estate ‘Oga you are owing on the last rent’ wahala, so I was like grant me access let me drop a cheque, they refused, okay take my car, it’s worth more than the outstanding till we clear this up on Monday, they refused, Jewelry worth even more, electronics worth tens of millions were all refused, I was perplexed by then it was almost 5pm, no food nothing by mouth all day, without my drugs I couldn’t eat, my kids tried chewing on a packet of biscuits but the switch from years on a kosher diet to junk food in one day was too much and we all sat there starving, I then decided to do the right thing and go and lodge a formal complaint about the harassment at the nearest police station”



The policemen at the estate came from the same station, but despite knowing this he had no choice but to take the chance that he might receive justice, surely as expected two officers were dispatched to accompany Chef Uche home

“They denied the police officers access, claiming that all relevant parties had closed for the day and didn’t live on the premises and repeated that we should all return on the next working day, the officers accepted this position then pleaded for access for the drugs and nothing else, volunteering to escort any of us in or even send one of their agents in as the drugs lay in plain sight on a table”

Once again the mood changed and MR Moses, who had earlier claimed to be the representative of the new owner insisted that NOBODY must access the apartment.

At this point my wife rushed over with pictures of the front door a neighbor just sent to her phone THEIR HOME HAD BEEN BROKEN INTO AND THE LOCKS CHANGED!!!

“The officers simply asked for access to confirm this detail and MR Ayo and the other staff around now got technical and insisted that that wasn’t the reason they came for the visit so they couldn’t comply, the officers left to make their reports, we continued to sit and stare at the gate, it was now dark”

Hours later a terrible rainstorm would cause his family to slip in through the first gate to huddle on the bare steps of the estate management office, trying to shelter from the rain and the cold and the mosquitoes.

“All I remember was that the children were in great distress and my wife was doing everything to keep their anxieties from breaking them down, the rain ended at about 1am and we just sat on the steps, I had no money on me, we were in shorts and singlets as we had dashed out to buy vegetables before Shabbat started, my wife didn’t carry her bag or even her phone out, I was there with nothing, everything I had was in the apartment behind me, sensitive documents, papers, everything”

Mrs Umeadi – “when they came, they moved as one, I looked at the 20 man strong unit moving on us and knew they had received the call from above. I also knew I had to hold onto my phone at all costs as everyone could see it kept slipping out of my shallow pockets, and I had been making recordings”

“They went straight for her, I was shocked (composes self) I didn’t believe it, they initially grabbed me, then let me go, I tried to hold a child in each hand, my wife was being dragged in front of me. I truly know now what it is to be oppressed there were so many guns, I tried to hold myself in check, it was very hard, very very hard”
After being brutalized and thrown out MR Ayo rushed over their car and ripped out the Estate access sticker from their windshield to ensure the unlucky family could not gain access to their home again.

“We drove off at about 2:30am and have been like this, no cloths, no money nothing since that eventful day on the 9th June 2017, Last year I had the same issues with a Prince Kazim of the Eletu Odibo Royal family here, I was asked to vacate my place of business or else the place and anyone found in it will be burnt to the ground, I’ve had no access to that one of my restaurant since the day we opened formally, The oppression in Lagos by Landlords and the indigenous ruling families has reached alarming proportions”

“What does it all boil down to? loss of my means of business, I am an Igbo man, an international businessman and you shut down all my business premises, my shops and even my home, within the past one year? No this is not normal, the police and other forces are all in your payroll so what happens to me?”

Everyday I stay shut I am losing millions, it’s ridiculous!”

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