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Story of a Benin Babe

Story of a Benin Babe

I have always been a very wild girl, and loved being around the opposite sex a lot, in fact I had lots of male friends while growing up and I was very comfortable with them, I was what ‎most people call a tomboy, maybe it was because I was the oldest child and was left to take care of my self and little brother at an early age.

My name is Funke and I was born into a middle class family, my dad was a very busy man, mum too was always busy, today UK, tomorrow France next Dublin etc, dad was a naval captain and was also always never home.. so we basically took care of ourselves at a very young age.

I met Akin, he was my neighbour and was very mischievous, he was from a Godly home but that din’t show in his way of behaving, akin had two sisters and a little brother whom was my kid brother’s age mate, we would play together and most times he would try to touch my breast or even my pussy.. thou I always stopped him but I still like the way he tries to touch or kiss me when ever we went to their house to play, unknown to me that akin’s elder sister ‎also had some mischief of hers too (thou she was 3 years older than me). Whenever I go play with them in their house, Lola (Akin’s sister) would call me up into her room and tell me to open my legs while she tries to finger my pu**y, this was very strange to me because I was only used to the fact that guys are suppose to f**k a lady and not the other way round.

She started by, fingering me, then most times she would tell me to open my legs while she licks my pu**y, at first I wasn’t comfortable with it, but with time I started enjoying it, (meanwhile I was still very much a virgin), Lola would wait for everyone to go out and sneak into my house which was always empty because my parent were never around, and start to finger my pu**y, after a while I really started to enjoy it, would always look forward to when no one was at home so we could continue our love making as she always called it..

We started experimenting different styles, like she come on top of me with her pu**y in my mouth while she does the same thing to me, I started enjoying myself to the extent that the thought of men making love to me started to irritate me, I became a pro and even started to toast other girls myself into the act, Lola and her family moved outta my street and we lost contact.

While I got admission into the university that was when I met Collins, Collins was a very cute and handsome guy, tall, dark and had a very nice dentition, mind you am a sucker for nice teeth with dark gum, call me stupid but different stroke for different folks, lol, I started dating Collins but couldn’t allow him make love to me because I wasn’t really into guys that way, Collins tried as much as possible to make me see reasons that he wasn’t gonna break my heart but still I wasn’t interested, mean while I was more interested in Naomi, Naomi was my roommate in school then and she had the most amazing sexy body you could ever dream off, she is what you call an hour glass shape, with the slim waist and slightly big boobs, she was dark, tall and had a clit to die for, which was one of my weakness in ladies too, Naomi never knew I was a full blown lesbian and any time she was at home she always made sure she was naked without any bra or panties, I mean totally naked, every time I look at her thick, full and fat clits, I always felt like putting my tongue in them and sucking the hell outta them..


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