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Understanding How Casino Bonuses Work

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Understanding how casino bonuses work is key to you being able to take full advantage of the offers available to you.

Spending a little time getting to grips with how the online casino welcome offers work can be hugely beneficial in the long run because it can increase your opportunity of winning, give you more playtime on your favourite slots game online and give you a chance to explore casino online slots games that you may never have played before that could become a newfound favourite slot for you due to your time play it as part of your welcome bonus. With so many reasons to choose wisely, there are plenty of things to understand about a casino bonus and how it works.

Activating a Casino Online Welcome Offer

Once you have decided on which online casino you want to be affiliated with, you need to enter your details so that you can join the site. It is at this stage that you will be asked to prove that you are above the legal age to gamble and you will need to pick your chosen payment method too, but this could just be linking your new online casino account to your PayPal account for speed, ease and security if you do not wish to enter your card details.

You then need to make your first deposit to activate your welcome offer and most online casinos have a minimum deposit which is commonly ยฃ10. Once this has been done, your free spins will appear in the โ€œMy Accountโ€ section on your homepage and if you are also entitled to 100% deposit bonus, for example, then this will also appear as part of your available credit where the total will be automatically added to the money you have deposited into your account.

Free Spins

Free spins are the most loved part of a welcome bonus when joining a new online casino because they can maximise your potential of being able to win without spending any of your credit and they also extend the time you are able to play for. The number of free spins on each casino online site varies so be sure to check how many you are owed and that you have received the right quantity. Sometimes you have options as to which slots games online you can use your free spins on, so have a look at the games in question and see which game you prefer. You can make it really simple and just choose the slot that looks the most appealing, you can choose the slot with the higher RTP, or you can play a slots game youโ€™ve never seen before just for a change.

100% Deposit Match

Many online casinos offer a 100% bonus deposit match when you sign up to their site, so when you credit your account for the first time, the casino will match the amount. In effect, you are being given double your initial money to play with and this can be hugely advantageous in the amount of time for playing slots online and the likelihood of being able to win. Though this element of slots casino bonus offer is commonly misunderstood or ignored, now that you are aware of it, you should make full use of it as it only occurs when you first sign up.


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