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What an outfit!!.. Halle berry

Halle berry

Should this outfit be tagged as nude cos it leaves nothing to our imagination.. hmmmmm
I’m sure any guy sitting opposite her is feasting his eyes. lol
And some naija chick somewhere will b thinking of copying this right now

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  1. Personally, I think Halle just spilled the bean!
    This is an absolute disgrace to womanhood.
    Only God knows what she was thinking…

  2. I think she was paid to wear it either way she could pass as a a take home whore

  3. I dnt knw what this celeb are doing. This is nude. May the lord forgive us all

  4. Guys you caused this…its obvious this lady lack suitors (even one night stands)…this is desperation. But don't blame her the last time she revealed her boobs she lost her husband and got an Oscar…

  5. Evrytin hapens 4 a reazin,doh she mit b an agent of seduction bcos dats nt wat I cal sexyness;funy enof she's a public figure bt can not a model 2 a yonga generation:word!

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