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Yvonne the Unical Babe [Episode 8]

Yvonne the Unical Babe

Oseloka tossed the phone back at me, ‘Nawa for this your phone o. It just switched off by itself. Whatever it was you didn’t want me to see, the universe is in your favour’, he said.

Putting on his shirt, he continued, ‘but it doesn’t matter right? Because I trust you’.

That was a rhetorical question. I wished I could tell him about uncle Alfred, about our arrangement and how much I detested the idea of sleeping with my God father and landlord, especially when I was not appreciated in return.

‘I have a strong feeling there’s something you want to tell me, I’ve had this feeling for quite some time now’, Oseloka’s voice slit through my thoughts.
I smiled sparingly, picked my bunch of keys from the rack near the bed and began to swing it. I was trying to distract myself. He looked keenly at me, ‘ok, feel free, if you feel I don’t have to know, then, no p’, he laughed again, that unnecessary laughter.

What was I supposed to tell Oseloka? That I have been sleeping with my Godfather almost every night for the past three weeks now? Or that I had quit the runs but I still had sex with my Godfather, though without payment, so it was safe to say that it was not runs?

There was nothing to say, nothing at all, so I kept quiet. Uncle Alfred had been here in calabar for exactly three weeks now, he told his family he was here for business. He was really here for business, that was not a lie, but it seemed the better part of his business was more of pleasure. The other day he had told me, ‘whenever you return to Lagos, we would continue from wherever we stop’, he laughed excitedly and stroked my breasts. I felt nauseous, the scenario was irritating. I had made it a rule never to spend the night with him, no matter the time our ‘episode’ ended. So, I got up, quickly dressed up, and left him to savour his winning moment. I looked at Oseloka, he barely noticed me, he was seeing a movie on his laptop and had headphones on. I loved him. Tears streamed down my face. I wept, silently.

I was in a hurry, the phone call was as unexpected as ever. Yes, I had left Oseloka’s house to I and Yvonne’s, yes, I was preparing to see Uncle Alfred tonight, but not with this phone call. I could not divide myself into parts. To hell with uncle Alfred I thought, he could go ahead and tell. I don’t care if anyone believes him over me, so I thought. But deep down, I knew I cared. I had never been respected by my parents and younger siblings. They always saw me as nonsensical, with nothing to achieve in life. My mother always called me good for nothing simply because I wrote jamb severally and failed severally. My father, oh, that man he always was in awe of Alfred. He would say, ‘I and your uncle Alfred have known for quite a long time you know. Very smart man he is. We did start our careers together, but take a look at how successful he is now, and he has never for once faltered in his Christian life and duties. Smart man! Smart man!’ and he didn’t mind repeating it for eternity. Especially during the holiday periods when he would tell me to ‘climb up’ and go visit my God father and the twins. I simply wanted to have money than my family ever could imagine. I wanted to blow their minds away, it seems I was making a good job of it; blowing their minds away. It’s just that this particular ‘mind blowing’ was not what I had envisioned. I just wanted them to See Me in a new light. I was eager to be recognized. I called uncle Alfred to cancel. There was not the slightest bit of disturbance in his voice, ‘Ehn, alright, we’ll make it tomorrow night’, I heard a light voice in the background, a females’ certainly, he hung up. My mind drifted back to the phone call received earlier, why would the hospital call me personally?

I had paid a visit to the hospital the week before. I really did not know what actually was wrong with me, but what I did know was that these days, I felt easily tired and faint most times. I had done several tests but had not the mind to collect the test results. I could not tell who the father was. That’s if actually I was pregnant. There was a time I and Oseloka got carried away and did not use a condom, there was also another occasion where uncle Alfred’s condom broke. That day, I wasn’t wearing any either. These two incidents occurred at slightly the same periods. They occurred the same week. Why wouldn’t I be scared to my bones?.
I rushed into the hospital, straight to the receptionist’s desk, ‘I would like to see the doctor’, I said amidst heavy pulsating breaths. The receptionist looked at me quizzically. She had on long eyelash extensions, and I could clearly see her cleavage from where I stood. Her top was supposed to be buttoned up, it was plain to see that she left them open on purpose. She drew her brows looking like bird wings, the ends were joined together. It seems she’s trying to make ends meet, I thought sarcastically. My lips twitched a little as I was held back a grin. This was no time for funny jokes. She chewed her gum carelessly and made big bubbles with them. Her voice was a loud shriek when she asked, ‘you are?’, ‘Precious, Emordi precious’, I replied, obviously getting impatient. She put a call through to the doctors office, ‘he would see you now’, she eyed me with disgust as I walked past her desk to the office.

Was it worse than pregnancy? Had I contracted a disease? An incurable one? Was I approaching death rapidly?
The doctor looked at me coolly as I sat in his office. He threw a file towards my end of the table.
‘..And you are not married you say?’, I shook my head, he let out a deep breath, ‘your pregnancy is not even the reason I called you here’, just imagine how he revealed the news to me. I hadn’t even opened the file yet. So I was pregnant, who was the father? I could not tell. I was in a deep mess. So why then did he summon me? The doctor cleared his throat, ‘your friend asked us to call you, she was rushed in here last night, after she was slumped while shopping’, I was clearly confused, which friends did I have?

Yvonne could not slump, she was perfectly healthy yesterday when I left her, and she didn’t plan on going shopping either before I left her. He threw another file towards my end of the table, I picked it, on it was written ‘Oriaku Azubuike’, he continued, ‘your friend has been diagnosed of cervical cancer, we have called her family they are on their way from Imo state. She said you would be able to provide some money for her treatment, so we called you. She still needs to be treated, at least to slow down the effect of the cancer’.

I was clearly disoriented, ‘I’m sorry to say, but I don’t know any Oriaku Azubuike. You’ve got the wrong person’. The doctor smiled, a knowing smile, ‘no, I don’t have the wrong person, you may know her as Yvonne. Yvonne ‘the great’ as people call her’.

I could not believe my ears. I instantly became light headed, I was going to faint.

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