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Story of a Benin Babe [Episode 7]

Story of a Benin Babe

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I woke up very tired and hungry, Teniola had gone out, was about calling the restaurant for food when I saw a plate of fried rice and goat meat on the table and a pack of chivita juice, I quickly dive the food like one hungry lion.

After I was done eating, I picked up my phone and started to reply all my my pings, I had almost 20 missed calls, 15 pings, 6 text messages, I must have left my phone on silent, because of this my jealous nymphomaniac sugar mummy.. kin ma lo pa ara mi.

I saw 10 missed calls from Lade, 5 missed calls from Collins, 2 from Naomi, and some random callers, hmm now I was wondering whose call I was gonna reply back by the way I have not been able to return Lade’s calls since when we last spoke, why is this babe disturbing me like dis sef, make I try call her back, after a few rings Lade picked up the phone.

‘Hi Funke, what’s up, been calling since morning with no reply, hope you good?’
‘Yeah am fine, so sorry I have been sleeping since, how was your interview?’
‘On my way back to my aunt’s place, I didn’t ‎get the job, would be leaving for lagos on monday morning, please where are you at?’
‘Am in my hotel room’ I said
‘What are you doing?’ She asked in a low tone
Come o, abi she wan visit me ni? But I didn’t know if I wanted her to know where I was because of my jealous sugar mummy, plus make she no go dey eye Lade, truth be told Lade was very beautiful, dark, tall and very sexy, with a cute lips.
‘Am about going down to the pool, it’s not everyday you get to swim in a 5 star pool’, I said
‘hmm you are enjoying o, can I come join you, am not in a good mood and wouldn’t mind something to cheer me up a bit, hope your boyfriend won’t mind’, she asked.
‘huh? which boyfriend?’
‘Your boyfriend you came to see in Abuja na, isn’t he the one that lodged you ni?’
‘Oh, yea yea my boyfriend, yes he is’, I said with low voice
‘Ok, send me the address and room number, would be there in a jiffy’, she said and hung up
Hmm, which kind wahala be dis o, I picked up my phone to call Teniola that a friend of mine was stopping by just to say hi, but she didn’t pick, so I sent her a text message, I returned Collins’ call, told him I went home to see my mum and would be back during the week, replied Naomi’s pings, she started bulging me about my so called sugar daddy’s friend I promised her.. mtscheew stupid gal, she can never change.

Was on my way out of my room, down to the elevator, while waiting for the elevator door to open, I decided to reply pings. I heard someone say, ‘are you going to take this or you prefer to just enjoy yourself here, I turned to see who it was, I was lost for words again, it was like I had become dumb instantly..

DAMN! my handsome chocolate man, shit what is with this dude for goodness sake? why do I act so stupid when around him, this is not you Funke, you don’t do guys, let alone fall for one, snap out of it, please snap out.


DJ STiphBami – Beats and Juice (BJ 2021)

TareeQ – Medicine


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